Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shock and awe

Wow. Just wow. The world does work in mysterious ways, let me tell ya! How so, you ask? Well, get this.

So uhm, remember this from April? Ok, well, specifically, this part:

"You know, recently I had a big disagreement (we won't call it an argument, though if it went on any longer, it definitely would have been. Possibly with fists?) with a friend's mother! (I know, his mother! And yes, friend, you know who you are! (Shakes fist in air!) I think his hidden goal was to get me all riled up, cause actually, well, he's evil. Ha ha! But in the end, all my talk of polar bears drowning, method lusting, helping the earth in small ways, and just say no to plastic bags was met with "well if we don't use plastic, what will we make everything out of?/global warming is a bunch of baloney/green cleaning products should be the exact same price as the crappy cleaning products that cost me nothing cause they're made of bad, nasty chemicals (but since they're not, I ain't buyin' them)/I'm not about to take any responsibility myself"-ness. And honestly, I'm still slightly erked."

Yeah, that post. Ha ha! So get this... said friend sends me an email a couple days ago. And the shorthand version is:

"Just wanted to let you know, my mom told me she finally went out and purchased a hand towel to use in the kitchen, instead of constantly using paper towels. And it was all because of the conversation we'd had during that drive (to Ikea.)"

My mouth dropped to the floor, I think literally, upon reading this. I mean (and yes, he's reading this - Hi, Sam!) if there was ever anyone I thought I simply couldn't crack when it came to this eco thing, it would have been his mother! Moral of this story is truly, you never know WHAT could come from a green conversation with someone, anyone! That little seed might actually get planted, and you may never know! So next time the opportunity arises, and you start thinking "Oh, why bother? What I say will never make a difference, big or small." Say it anyway, you just might be surprised.

- Even if it's three months later. Wow!


Anonymous said...

It's all baby steps-a conversation-a thought-a sale or a need...whatever gets it started!

Michelle said...

This is living proof that everyone comes around eventually!!

Lisa Sharp said...

Very cool! I love when my friends contact me telling me they did something eco-friendly because of me. :)

Sam said...

Mad props to you, Mr. Lust!

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