Thursday, July 2, 2009

green perks

Hey, got a cell phone plan with T-Mobile? Yay! (Oh, but here comes the "are you out of the hip loop?" question. And yes, I am. Boo.) Got a cell phone DATA plan with T-Mobile? If you do, make sure you sign up for their new Green Perks application! It's even free!

Green Perks is a free downloadable application that delivers exclusive discounts on green products and services directly to your phone. And one of these great exclusives just happens to be 20% off method home care and personal care products coupons! So cool! (And so sad I can't get these. Ah well! Data plan, shm-ata plan!)

But for you lucky folks that ARE hip and trendy, download it from their site today! And start saving!


You know, as badly as I want an iPhone (and I want one badly! But that monthly service plan price. Word. But I digress...) I have to say, when T-Mobile bought out Suncom (my previous carrier) I had my worries. But every time I've called customer service, they've seriously been helpful, positive, and pleasant! (A rarity in today's customer service world.) So I'd actually recommend them as a carrier! (Much better than the apparently horrid AT&T customer service I continually read and hear about. Oh iPhone, one day you will no longer be tethered to a single carrier... one day!)

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Michelle said...

Ooh...this is good to know! I, too, use T-Mobile as my wireless carrier.

Thanks, Nathan!

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