Friday, July 10, 2009

spit n' polish?

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? Ok, here goes. I lust me some method aircare! Capital L. capital U. capital S. and oh yes, capital T. It's the greatest! And I feel a really important part of that whole cleaning process! (Plus it just makes the cleaning even more fun, as even though all our wonderful method cleaning products have amazing scents; they don't tend to linger very long once the cleaning is finished. But some spritzes around the house of aroma spray, or a slowly burning candle keeps their wonderful scents wafting throughout your home all day long!)

Personally (and I'd love to get your thoughts on this, as well!) I don't think of aircare as a "occasional/not necessary" cleaning item. As I just said, I can clean my house up all spic and span great, but uhm, cats (and kids if you've got them) and all that stuff, well, it can leave your house not so great smelling! And that's where aircare comes in! Once your house is looking all grand from some omop mopping, and some all-surface squeaky cleaning, it's really the aircare (in my humble opinion) that keeps the clean going! Like those awesome aroma pills and rings that make my house smell luscious, constantly! And then throw in some aroma spray for those quick scent disasters, and a candle to not only add atmosphere to your house, but great MMMs, and it all comes together perfectly!

And you know what else, I'm shocked that this line within the cleaning aisles is so limited to only a few companies. Glade, and to a degree Renuzit, pretty much OWN the aircare aisles! I've never really figured that one out, because really, most times their scents do not win me over. "Rain Covered Mountains", "Springtime Showers", "Fruit Feista" what kind of scents are thoses?! (Ok, well, ones I just made up, but usually their names are rather close!) I'll stick with my lavender lemongrass, or vanilla apple method aircare, thank you. At least you know what you're getting (lavender, and oh yeah, lemongrass!) and that it's also great for the environment, and you!


But here's my question. Do you think it's time for some spit n' polish to the method aircare line? It seems to have been languishing for a bit, and I think it needs a slight shakeup! Honestly, within the last half year or so, the line has really slowly been restocked in my local Target stores for some reason; often times leaving big gaps in their aircare selections. And aircare used to feature four regular scents, along with (usually) a limited edition spring scent (and fall!) Now we've got three regular scents, and (at least this year) no limited edition spring.

Plus, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, as I LUST me some lavender lemongrass, but for the greater good of the line, I think it's time for a complete scent reinvention! Here's MY thoughts on improving the line:

+ Reduce. The aroma sticks have to go. I love them, don't get me wrong. But the price point is too high, we've all wanted method to provide sticks, oil, and a vase separately (which obviously they're never going to do. But OH, I saw that Target is now offering this in their candle aisle! Sticks, a little bottle of oil, and a vase; in different scents and shapes to choose from! Make your own aroma stick set! I love it! So it is possible, method! Ha ha!) Keep the aroma sticks as a holiday line item. That's where I think they work best.

+ The Trinity. I consider (and some of you lusters aren't going to like what I'm about to say) the Trinity of method aircare to be: candles, aroma spray, and pills. Like I mentioned above, the pills provide continuous scents to make your home smell great; the candles provide atmosphere and additional scent when you want it, and the aroma spray provides quick solutions to "disaster smells". LOL

+ But, I know lots of folks out there that love their aroma rings over pills, SO perhaps they should hold on to those as well (in bamboo? Better for the environment, and prettier!) Four items. Four scents.

+ Four new scents. I'm willing to sacrifice my favorite scents, if it means perhaps reinvigorating the aircare line by bringing in four new regular scents. These three they currently sell have been around forever! Ha ha! Time for something new! Imagine the possibilities!

+ Smooth sailing. The candles burn great once again! The aroma sprays work well (I'm still not completely sure about that o-ring; I lust that o-ring, and it's ease of carrying; but it just needs a small round notch cut out on the front bottom, because I'm always having to watch how I point the nozzle, or it'll hit that ring area attached to the bottle and run down the can; but whatevah...), and the pills have always rocked (especially the nightlite version!) And the aroma rings work way better than their original aroma capsules, so I think they've got a great line here. It's just time for some shimmy and shake!


Whew! So, what do you think? Am I out of line here? Or could the aircare line use a little spit n' polish? Do you use the aircare line? Do you think it's an important part of your overall cleaning process/keeping the house feeling, and smelling fresh? Comment!


Rebecca Welch said...

Method candles-love them-however...I'm trying to break the candle habit.

Not a fan of the sticks in general. I can't get down with a random vase of liquid waiting to get spilled.
Not a fan of the aroma ring either.

The pill-me thinks there needs to be a wider selection to 'convert' the glah-day masses.
Aroma Spray-ditto.

I also think some of the limited edition aircare scents should come in other forms like handwash, all purpose spray or even dryer sheets.

Nathan Aaron said...

Why are you trying to break the candle habit? What's wrong with candles, Rebecca? What did they ever do to you? LOL I'm curious...

josh said...

I've never been a candle fan, but method has definitely changed me. I started getting into their aircare line with the pills. So cute and simple, and you can buy refills for cheap at BigLots.

I've slowly been transitioning from pills to candles. There's just one thing, and maybe I'm just insane, but... I swear the scents from the pills are a little chemically smelling. I mean sure, the sweet water smells pretty much like sweet water. It just doesn't smell EXACTLY like the sweet water candle. The candle smells warmer and seems more natural, while the pill's scent seems a little more artificial. Maybe it's in my head.

I notice (or maybe imagine) this in most of methods stuff. The scents vary slightly between products. Example: I think the sweet water laundry detergent smells different than other sweet water stuff. In fact, I like it better. On the other hand, I think the sweet water dryer sheets also smell different and the smell kind of gives me a headache. I don't know what my problem is!

I'd like some more warm, citrus, or clean scents. Spiced pear, sweet water, and cut grass have always been at the top of my list, but I'd love to be surprised with a new line of smelly things!

Tracy said...

Too true!
The Method Aircare Pills are just the best. Everyone who walks thru my door notices that my place smells great - and thats due to some serious pill refill stockpilling. Each room gets a different smell and each one is not one currently available!
(peppermint vanilla, lychee, grass, beach sage in summer & gingerbread spice in the fall)
It's just steady lovely scent that lasts for weeks and weeks. It is such a let down every time I go to target now because the selection of pills are so skimpy and the most boring of scents.
I keep looking for new ones EVERY time! Please please please Method - make this world a better place for noses and delight us!

Rebecca said...

Agreed. Not into reeds/sticks AT ALL. Just don't get it.

I love candles in general but the method candles are only "meh". They don't seem to scent a whole room in my experience.

Aroma Pills = awesome, but, yes, I agree with Josh that they are chemically smelling. But, less so than the other brands.

I also like my Aroma Rings for the bathroom and my office at work - great for small spaces.

Would love to see more scents - how about the rice milk and mallow. yum! and bring back Citrus Cilantro! just used my last Pill for that, am now on to using up my 2 last Pomegranate Tea. More variety in the Pills would be nice. : )

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