Thursday, July 30, 2009

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OH my goodness, these bottles are so cute I can't deal! Do you see that elephant bottle? DO YOU!? Wow, I hope they actually produce that one day. It's just too adorable!

method's own people against dirty blog gives us some insight into moving from otter to penguin bottles, used for their squeaky green baby + kids line!

"We've relaunched the packaging on our baby + kids products from an Otter to an adorable little Penguin. Check out some notes from Josh, head of form + function here at method, who talks through why we went from Otter to Penguin.

Q: Why the change?
A: Leaky Otters! We found that people were unable to resist taking the Otter's pants off (no joke!) to get a big whiff of the what the product smelled like. This more often than not loosened the cap underneath the Otter which in turn sometimes created a big mess either on a shelf in the store or all over your bathroom floor at home.

Q: How was the Penguin born?
A: We looked at all sorts of other animals that we knew from around Northern California (our very own backyard) including Sea Lions, Whales, Crabs, Starfish and Giant Squid, before settling on the Penguin for the next generation of the methodkids bottle. Designer Jeannie Choe worked to get the Penguin bottle to look as cute as the Otter and I think we succeeded. The Cap on the top means it's super easy to smell and no more leaky bottles!

Thanks Josh! Check out some intial design work (photo above) of both the little Penguin as well as another product design that didn't make the final cut (not this time at least).
- Julie Kim"

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