Wednesday, July 8, 2009

video review! - aroma ring


Mmm! In one of my FAVORITEST scents, spiced pear! You know, on occasion I'll give out a method goody or two to a friend, and for a bit there it was spiced pear spray cleaner! Everyone lusted it! So one friend of mine, John, finally told me recently "Oh my, I've about completely ran out of that spiced pear spray! Get me another bottle!" - because the one thing I HAVEN'T trained most of my friends to do yet is BUY method for themselves (they just want it free, word!?) And I told him "Oh, John. That scent was only a holiday scent. It appears but once every three years or so!" And he was so very disappointed!

So in a moment of sheer kindness (cause really, I can be stingy and greedy with my method! Ha ha!) I slipped a bottle from my method vault, and gave it to him (from my secret stash purchased last holiday! I hope spiced pear comes back around real soon!) He was so happy! I told him "Use it sparingly! That's your last bottle until the next holiday it pops up again!" LOL Who knew cleaning supplies would become rare collectables you hoarded. Or uh, is that just me? I figured as much...

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