Thursday, July 9, 2009

four months...

Wow! It's so sunny outside! Time for Popsicles, the beach, suntan lotion (and inevitably sunburn!), long lingering summer evenings, nothing but reality shows on tv (oh no, wait. That used to mean summer. Now that's television 24/7, my bad), and holiday method! Yay!

No wait, what? Well, come on! The method holiday line is but a mere four months away! (Wow, really, seriously? Well, if the past is any lesson, and it usually is; unless you're history, but I digress...) AND it is Christmas in July time, you know! So what better moment than now to discuss method holiday! Ho ho ho! Ok? Alright!

Actually, I was curious about something. I'm doing an impromptu poll (and shh, I bet you can figure out my answer from the above photo, but anyway...) let the method lusters vote!

Way back when, in the beginning of method time, aroma sprays and pill refills were a big part of the holiday line. As the years progressed, what I like to call limited edition "one-shots" sorta took their place. - Holiday scented lotions, aroma beads, candle trios, potpourri ornaments, etc.

So my question to you is, which would you prefer to see this holiday (or fudge!, maybe next holiday? As I bet it's too late to sway method at this point. Ha ha! I'm sure the holiday line is rather locked down now!)

Holiday scented aroma sprays and pill refills? Or holiday limited edition "one-shots" such as aroma beads, candle trios, ornaments, etc? (Each along with our usual holiday faves - dish soap, candles, all-surface spray, and hand wash!) Comment away!


josh said...

i'm happy as long as there's hand wash, all-surface spray, and candles. i think i like new one-shot things. it's nice seeing what the surprise is each year.

i wish the holiday all-surface sprays came in big bottles too. they're so delicious and i can easily go through those mini bottles too quickly.

MSchuess said...

Hi, Aaron -
I wish the Method folks would bring back Peppermint Vanilla.
It's just so fresh and good smelling -- not just in December
but all year long. (Imagine it
in the air on a steamy July evening. Nice!)
Thanks for asking.
Your fan,

arturobandini2 said...

Definitely prefer the air pills. I was a big fan of Frosted Cranberry and Spiced Pear. The others, not so much. But frankly, Method has let me down so often in the pill department lately, my expectations couldn't be lower.

Nathan Aaron said...

arturobandini2 (whew! That's a screen name!) What exactly do you mean by them letting you down in the pill department? Curious, if you want to share details.

arturobandini2 said...

The reason I got all fetish-y with Method in the first place was their holiday aroma pills. Those commercial sprays and potpourri sacks called 'The Scent (more like Stench) of Christmas' are an 11 on my gag factor, but Method's Frosted Cranberry pills and my tree made for an intoxicating aroma cocktail one year. But then they discontinued the holiday pills altogether.

Strike 1.

Then their Beach Sage aroma pills never showed up in California Targets last year, while they just couldn't *give* away those soapy Citrus Cilantro pills that lined the shelves all summer.

Strike 2 -- no, foul ball.

Then they discontinued Pomegranate Tea.

Strike 2.

Finally, there was hope when they announced (through your blog) that Beach Sage aroma pills would make a comeback this spring. They lied.

Strike 3.

I'm bored with their basic scents, and buying the beach sage pills via their website is a major rip-off. (Buying *anything* off their website is a major rip-off, but that's a whole 'nother Oprah.) Of course, they're always very sweet to answer my e-mails, but they clearly don't heed a word of my advice.

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