Wednesday, March 31, 2010

clean sweeps

A couple tidbits!

+ I've begun noticing method hand wash bottles are now sporting cute little laundry detergent samples (attached at the bottle neck!) So if you haven't yet, this is a great way to try out their new 8X laundry detergent before you buy a bottle!

+ And speaking of their laundry detergent, over on their Facebook page an advocate asked them:

"I really love your new super-concentrated pump-style laundry detergent. Any chance a fabric softener in the same container is coming?" which method answered with a big ole "stay tuned!" (Which I'd say is a yes!)

1 comment:

melanemac said...

I meant to tell you that I found the smaller size in the Free & Clear, but of course now can't remember where I saw it (was not Target)...perhaps it was Lowe's.

Oh and to save even more, I have poured my old (we had just bought two huge bottles) Method detergent into the new container...I use less soap and no mess!

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