Tuesday, March 9, 2010

aircare at marshalls!

What's that you say? You're not sick of hearing about aircare yet? Well, then! Ha ha ha... but actually this is great news! People are finding discontinued aircare products at their local Marshalls (a store brand owned by TJMaxx, even though they don't carry the same products, which I always find odd as they're really the same stores but with different names.)

Advocates have found cut grass pills, pomegranate tea candles, and more! In fact, I ran to mine the day I found out (you bet I ran!) and while I didn't find what I was HOPING to find (Oh I had dreams! Dreams of waterfalls full of method aircare raining down on me as I giddily grabbed all the wonderous products and scents and threw them into my cart. But that didn't happen! Who knew? Marshalls just isn't what it used to be, without all their product waterfalls and such. Oh how I used to spend a relaxing weekend under their product waterfalls, pina colada in hand, sipping under the fluorescent sun. Yeah, at this point if you're still reading what I'm writing, I feel for you. Really and truly. No, just stop. I mean, just stop reading what I'm writing here and move onto the next paragraph. You'll be happy you did. Fer reals.)

I did find some holiday pill refills! You just don't know WHAT you might find! So rustle up the kids, and make a run for Marshalls! And when you do, let method lust know what you find! (So I can be all kinds of jealous.)

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