Monday, March 8, 2010

which is the best green cleaner?

Apartment Therapy is having their very own "Which is the best green cleaner?" contest! So head on over and vote, vote, vote! As of this posting method and Mrs. Meyers are neck n' neck! What does that mean, anyway? Neck n' neck? Hmm... gotta Wiki that one!

Oh, and this also reminded me of something I was going to give a shout out about a while back (I have short term memory problems, ok?) Did you know Martha Stewart now has her own line of green cleaners? I had no idea until seeing an ad in a magazine (probaby hers!) recently! Hmm... and they're available at Home Depot. (Which is interesting, since method is available at Lowes! A little exclusivity green competition, eh?)


Rebecca said...

I saw the Martha cleaners the last time I was at Home Depot. They look attractive and interesting, but they were VERY expensive!

Brit said...

Ok this is completly unrelated and random. I was just looking at my Method Foam soap and I noticed white stuff floating around in it. I pulled out my other bottles and they are all the same, but some have more floating stuff than others. Is that normal? Sorry about the randomness lol.

Nathan Aaron said...

Brit, do you refill your bottles? I refill the bottles of method I bring to work, and I've started noticing this as well. But only in the refilled bottles. WHAT it is I'm not sure?

Anyone else noticing this?

brit said...

they arent refilled at all. i just bought them not to long again. i do have a refill bottle that i will try out to see if i get the same results

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