Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the comments are in...

...concerning method's decision to discontinue the entire aircare line (something many people don't seem to have grasped yet. A few think they've only discontinued the pills, perhaps because of the photo they used with their article?) And peeps, they ain't happy! (Count me as part of this group, too!) Here's just some (of the many) comments taken from method's official blog, and Facebook page:

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Are the pill plug in parts recyclable? I have so many... Very sad."

"i'm sorry but don't a TON of people make similar natural cleaning products while pretty much NOBODY makes natural air care products???"

"I can't find any equivalent for air care, nothing anywhere! There are NO plug ins! But there are a shed load of eco friendly cleaning products! Talk about missing a trick."

"no more lotions and no more candles. besides my mom needing some cleaning sprays once in awhile this is pretty much good bye for me."

"I'm seriously, really and truly, UPSET about this. These are the only air fresheners I trust in our home. The ingredients in all the others are such a mystery to me. I use the lavender ones both at home and at work, since lavender helps a lot with headaches. I also love the sweet water and the holiday scents. I was willing to pay more for them ..."

"VERY upset about this. I hope there is some new amazing air product to replace these. I hate when I find products I love and then they change or are discontinued. Just ends up making me shop elsewhere. Not smart Method."

"Please bring back the aircare line!!!"

"honestly, i used to go OUT OF MY WAY to buy the air care b/c i'm really sensitive to chemicals & perfumes (even though i have to drive to another city to get it). i do have some of their cleaning products, but now that i live in a town w/o a target, i do end up buying seventh generation for cleaning. air care was the only thing keeping me with method. i bet they are going to regret this move."

"I can't believe the aircare line has been discontinued! the aroma plug-ins are the only air-care products that lasted a long time, didn't smell like a chemical and came in a beautifully designed package. has anyone found out why it was discontinued?"

"Just came back from hoarding AromaPills & Rings @ Target. This was so not a good business decision. ;("


And then my favorite, apparently from a very optimistic person:

"i believe one day they will emerge again... :)"

How's that for hope?

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