Wednesday, March 3, 2010

quick quotes

Here's an interesting quote for thought (this is in response to an article concerning a more recyclable milk jug; but I think it covers recycling in general, as well):

"...We have to stop making things that are "recyclable" and close the loop to make things reusable. 70% of recyclable goods end up in the land fill or floating out in the middle of the Pacific. Recycling for the general consumer is a stop gap measure that is a loser - unless there is a large economic incentive (i.e. deposit fee). I pay $1.50 at the supermarket for a glass milk bottle that costs $3.99. I have a huge incentive to return this bottle for my $1.50. And if I don't, it's not plastic that takes decades to biodegrade. Let's end the insanity of recyclable as the answer..."
- John H. (via



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