Friday, March 5, 2010

arrivederci, aircare

I so called it. Sad face.

From method's official people against dirty blog:

"it’s time to come clean. today we say ‘bon voyage!’ to a good friend — air care.

our ‘people against dirty’ have been asking for a few months now, “what's happening with method aircare (i.e., air enhancers, aroma rings, plug ins, soy candles and aroma sticks)?” we're sorry we haven’t been able to give you the whole air care story until now.

as many of you have guessed, air care will no longer be part of the method line, but you'll still be able to find our air care products online and at a few retail partners. if you love our air care products, BUY THEM NOW because we don’t have any plans to reintroduce them.

it was a really, really tough decision to exit out of air care. after all, we’re the little guy who brought innovation and heavenly smells to a world of fake pine and aerosol orange. we’re so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together with our people against dirty in this space. given the size and budgets of bigger companies making similar products, with not-so similar ingredients, we’ve decided to focus on leading the home revolution in areas where we can continue to make a difference — under the counter, in the loo, on the floor, in the sink…well, you get the idea.

we’re really proud of all the air care products we made and are sorry if this news is disappointing. if you're one of the loyal people against dirty who love our air care products, the best places to find them are:,,, lowes home improvement centers and duane reade (nyc).

feel free to share your favorite air care memories and scents in the comments below — mine was vanilla apple. thanks for hangin' in there with us."


Thoughts? (I personally think this is a REALLY bad move on method's part. But I guess only time will tell.)

This is my favorite quote so far from over on the method Facebook page (where they also posted this news):

"I'm sorry but don't a TON of people make similar natural cleaning products while pretty much NOBODY makes natural air care products?" - I completely agree.


Sprockets said...

booo, I wish you weren't right this time Nathan! Very surprising and disappointing. they could at least keep the aroma sprays around... and candles ;)

I'm not a big scent at home guy myself. Nice scents do affect me strongly, but I also believe that a clean home is a naturally good smelling home, and maybe we don't need to put additional chemicals in the air.

The point about these being one of the few green options for air care is very valid though. No Glade for me!

The Classy Stoner said...

Who can recommend a new company for air care?

Nathan Aaron said...

I'm not sure there really is one, that's the problem. Apparently, green wise, Mrs. Meyers carries aircare, but it's VERY limited. I guess that'd be my suggestion. Anyone else have ideas?

kirby said...

Oh, such a love-hate relationship I have with method...

*lights a Beach Sage candle in remembrance--but only for a few seconds because these things don't grow on trees*

Pre-method, I wasn't really huge on aircare--I figured that if I needed to make my house smell like Malibu Musk to mask odors, maybe I should just attack the source of the stink. I only started buying the method aircare because of the brand name; quickly turning into a completely rabid addiction. But I survived before and my life will probably, most likely, I think, go on without it.

Anonymous said...

This disappointing news sums up my overall complaint with Method. They just don't follow through. If they spent half as much effort trying to move product as they do relaunching their entire line twice a year, they wouldn't be "the little guy" -- they'd be number one. That's how good their products are. Instead, they commit the same business mistake as do so many of their generational peers: steady reinvention at the expense of customer satisfaction. It's like they all use Madonna as their business model.

Seriously ... how are loyal customers supposed to support Method when they keep phasing out their best products? Finding their stuff at Target on a consistent basis is impossible. So you'd think they'd fall back on online sales. But their website is a complete disaster. Overpriced, glitches galore, constant breakage in transit. And overcharges even more.

Dropping their whole aircare line tarnishes their brand immeasurably, because it proves their vision is shortsighted. Sadly, I thinks this bodes poorly for the future of the whole company, not just the aircare line. After all, I've invested a small fortune in their plug-in receptacles. I won't be making similar good-faith mistakes in the future.

Jon Glover said...

Thank God I have a nice stash of Cut Grass and Fig to get me through for a while. :)

I'll miss Method's Air Care line but to be honest it was a little limited at any given time.

I am a BIG fan of Home Fragrance Oils from The Body Shop. It's another great company and they have a much larger selection of scents. Also, when they go on sale the oils can be as cheap as a buck and they last forever. I still have some that are over 10 years old!

Anyway, just a suggestion for some good home smellin' love.

Here's a link:,marketingPriority&viewAll=true

Just my 2 cents.

Ej said...

BOOOOOOOOO! A not too happy method camper here!

For Canadian readers - Liquidation World has lots of air care products right now. I'm off to stock up and morn the loss of (another) great method product.

Anonymous said...

Method sucks in this regard. I agree with the person who said they need to stop discontinuing great products to constantly revamp their line. It's a complaint about them I've had for a very long time. Oh well, I switched to Febreeze scented candles anyway (Brazilian Carnival scent). And now they have a new home line with more method like scents like green tea citrus and pomegranate mango. Screw method.

Tracy said...

Method: you really let me down this time by getting rid of aircare
Disapointed doesn't begin to cover it.

Meredith said...

Just when I've found candles and spray that I love that help keep the "loo" smelling fresh without being some weird, cloying fragrance, it all gets discontinued. Very disappointed.

Jason said...

Boo Method, just boo.

Sabrina said...

Yeah, I have to say "boo" to this. I was brought into the fold because of the aircare line. Mind you, I have expanded to the entire cleaning line but still.

I will be trolling eBay for pill refills now I guess. :-(

If anyone has a lychee refill they'd like to part with, please let me know.

Jason said...

I was reading a magazine at the natural foods store and there was mention of an electric air freshener line:

"Say ahhh to Aura Cacia Electric Aromatherapy Air Fresheners. Made w/100% pure essential oils these air fresheners create a subtle yet powerful ambiance for your home. Simply plug them into any outlet. They're free of artificial colors and stabilizers, and convenient refills are also available. Choose from Comforting Spices & Clove, Refreshing Lime & Grapefruit, Uplifting Bergamot & Orange, and Relaxing Lavender."

A quick web search:

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