Thursday, March 11, 2010

squeeze me, please me

tada! method is releasing a new scent to their floorcare line! You can now get your squirt + mop floor cleaner in ginger yuzu! At first I was really worried this was going to replace the lemon ginger (which is a no contest in my book! Lemon ginger wins big time!) But the ginger yuzu is an expanding part of their exclusive Whole Foods line. Whole Foods also carries dish soap and spray cleaner in ginger yuzu. method also mentions this can be found at select natural grocery stores.

I'm not a ginger yuzu hater (really! That's what I stock the work bathrooms with! Ginger yuzu hand wash!) but does ANYONE else think it smells nothing like ginger, and everything like pineapple? Cause to me, it's pineapple scent. Ha ha!


Jamison said...

I wonder what "select" stores they are referring to. We don't have Whole Foods in Columbia, SC, but it would be nice to find one of these "select" stores that carries it.

Honestly, I wish Method would also carry Yuzu on their website too.

Nathan Aaron said...

I know it's (I guess now sorta?) exclusive to Whole Foods; so perhaps they can't compete with them by placing it on their website? Even though they've never had their marine naturals body wash on their website either, and that NEVER made sense to me. So weird.

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