Friday, March 26, 2010

contest - arrivederci aircare!

Are you ready? No, no, trust me, you're not! You're NOT! I can promise you! Cause the excitement, the sheer wowness, the overwhelming feeling of no way dudeness will simply be too much for you! Too too much! Much too much! So much too much that the too muchness will become much too much for the too muchness, resulting in well, too much moreness! And that, my method friends, is way too much! So no, as promised, you are not ready.

But you don't need to get ready, cause the ready is already here! (Hey hey, what is he smoking?! Seriously. What?) Listen up advocates! Because I'm about to announce the greatest contest method lust has thrown! The confetti is flying, the streamers are streaming, and the buttermints are out on the table (...for those that like buttermints. But really, buttermints? I mean, you just know you can do better than buttermints. You're not even trying when you serve buttermints, you know what I mean? Oh yes, you do.)

Ok, so perhaps this contest isn't THAT big! Take away the confetti, lose the streamers, and for Heaven's sake, just fill up your pockets with the buttermints so I don't have to see those things anymore! But it's still a rockin' contest! Ok, ok, so what is this contest, already, Nathan? Get to the goods!

Announcing - The method lust arrivederci aircare contest! Aircare is gone. Sniff sniff. The line is history. And it's not being replaced. So what's an advocate to do? Well, toss your name into this contest hat (or just the comments area, it's about the same, right?) and you have a chance to win aircare pill refills AND aroma ring refills! And there will be MULTIPLE winners! In fact, there's a chance to have up to eight winners! Yes, eight!

So what's available, Nathan. Well, first of all I want to give a gigantic shout out to method for oh so wonderously donating the pills and rings for this contest! They ran into their method office vault and snatched up the remaining aircare so that we could keep on aircare lustin' just a little bit longer! So THANK YOU method!

The following scents are available: citrus cilantro, vanilla apple, grapefruit pear, beach sage, cut grass, eucalyptus mint, fresh lychee, gingerbread + spice, hollyberry, lavender + lemongrass, and pomegranate tea!


Here's how to play:

Simply answer the following questions in the comments section -
1 How many total pills and rings did method donate for this contest? (Hint: the number is between 1-100.)
2 Give method lust your top three favorite scents from the available list above.
3 Do you currently use aroma pills, rings, or both?
4 Bonus question: What were the three AIRCARE scents method debuted as Fall Editions?

Example answer:
1. 101 (hee hee!)
2. lavender +lemongrass, beach sage, and eucalyptus mint
3. pills
4. (I'm not even giving you a hint here!)


You DON'T have to do the bonus question to enter the contest, BUT if you answer it correctly, AND are a chosen winner, you will win ONE extra pill or ring! Ding ding ding! (Hence the up to eight winners, because it depends on how many people guess the bonus question! - And how generous I'm feeling at the time!) The top eight or so commenters that are closest to the correct answer for question #1 win!

Easy as pie, right! Actually easier, cause seriously, pie isn't easy to make. Who thought that saying up? It must have been a grandmother or something!

The contest ends April 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM (est). So get to it! You know you wanna win some aircare! Cause this might just be your last chance!


Victoria S said...

Yay! I wasn't able to get to a target before all aroma pills were gone...I only have two left! Here are my guesses:

1. 64
2. pomegranate tea; lavender + lemongrass; citrus cilantro
3. Currently just pills, but I have the rings too :)
4. pomegranate tea, gingerbread + spice, and fig?

She's crafty, and she's just my type. said...

1. 25
2. Beach Sage, Lavendar Lemongrass, eucalyptus mint
3. RINGS! Love the rings -- always wanted to try the pills, though.
4.Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice

Love this blog :) Great tips about finding method at big lots!

mrsncook said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Method, you're killing me here! Where am I going to get nice smelly things to keep my home smelling nice? We're fostering a dog that is into everything, and the house is getting doggy. Method, smelly air is dirty, and you're against dirty!

The following scents are available: citrus cilantro, vanilla apple, grapefruit pear, beach sage, cut grass, eucalyptus mint, fresh lychee, gingerbread + spice, hollyberry, lavender + lemongrass, and pomegranate tea!

1. 87
2 Vanilla apple, vanilla apple, vanilla apple! Oh alright! If I have to pick two more, we also like the gingerbread and mint.
3 BOTH! And the spray gave a little boost to the house before company came over this morning. Whew!
4 Gingerbread, pomegranate, peppermint

Allaina Dayley said...

I did the same thing as Victoria S; Went to Target and the ring refills weren't there! :(

1 - 35
2 - Pomegranate tea, beach sage, grapefruit pear
3 - Rings
4 - Toasted Hazelnut, Spiced Pear, Frosted Fir

Stephanie (TG's Mama) said...

1. 80
2. vanilla apple, lavender + lemongrass, gingerbread spice.
3. rings
4. Pomegranate Tea, gingerbread + spice and peppermint vanilla?

Gena Weishar said...

1. 40
2. Pomegranate Tea, Citrus Cilantro,and Beach Sage
3. I have rings and air care spray.
4. gingerbread, pom tea, and pumpkin.

Traci Catogni Whitley said...

1. 8
2. Hollyberry, Gingerbread & Spice, and pomegranate tea.
3. Both!
4. Gingerbread & Spice, Hollyberry, and even though it's not on the list, peppermint vanilla. :)

Pick me! Pick me! (Please and thanks!)

Traci Catogni Whitley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob Dillon said...

1. 100
2. Beach Sage, Lavendar Lemongrass, eucalyptus mint
3. RINGS! Love the rings -- always wanted to try the pills, though.
4.Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice

justine.tamayo said...

2.I love Cut Grass, Grapefruit Pear, Citrus Cilantro
3. I use the Aroma Pill
4.Gingerbread Spice, Hollyberry & Pomegrante Tea were the fall scents.

Karin said...

1. 32 (my fav number!)

2. Beach Sage, Eucalyptus Mint & Fresh Lycee

3. Both, because I am a true method aircare luster (and this is why I am now so sad.)

4. Pomegranate Tea, Pumpkin Spice & Fig

Margaret said...

1) 80
2) Beach sage, lavender + lemongrass and citrus cilantro
4) Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice and Fig

glittorgirl said...

1. 22
a - Vanilla apple
b - Citrus cilantro
c - Fresh lychee
3. Both
4. BONUS! Pomegranate tea, Gingerbread + Spice, and Hollyberry.

Pippi said...

1. 92
2. vanilla apple, beach sage, lavender/lemongrass
3. rings
4. pomegranate tea, eucalyptus mint, fresh lychee?

Hostasaurus said...

1. 20
2. Vanilla Apple, Gingerbread, Pomegranate (since Sweet Water's not on your list!)
3. BOTH, although on my last ring refill (sniffle)
4. Gingerbread Spice, Fig, Pumpkin Spice

Dortujla said...

1. 25
2. Lavender Lemongrass, Citrus Cilantro and Beach Sage
3. Love the pills AND rings!
4. Peppermint Vanilla, Cinnamon Bark and Hollyberry (well, in Canada anyway!)

Pick me! Please, please, please! ; )

Ashley said...

1. 24
2. cut grass, vanilla apple and grapefruit pear
3. both
4. Hollyberry, peppermint vanilla, and gingerbread spice

So Fun!!! Would love to win!

Jen said...

I can't even say how sad I am to see these go. I couldn't scoop up any remainders anywhere before they were gone, and when the last few drops of my last lavender-lemongrass pill are gone, that's it unless I win. :( That scent gets me through some really stressful workdays.

1. 84
2. Lavender-lemongrass, pomegranate tea, citrus cilantro
3. both
4. Pumpkin spice, toasted hazelnut, spiced berries

Aaron said...

I will miss the aircare line deeply... Wonder if maybe they'll bring some of it back for the holidays... oh dare to dream. My answers:

1. 74
2. EUCALYPTUS MINT, citrus cilantro, hollyberry (guess which is my fave)
3. BONUS! I use the pill (regular AND nightlight), the ring (bamboo AND plastic)
4. Fig, pomegranate tea, pumpkin spice

nick91171 said...

1. 75
2. hollyberry, vanilla apple, Pomegranate Tea
3. both
4. Toasted Hazelnut, Winter Berry, and Frosted Fir

Keri said...

1 50
2 citrus cilantro, fresh lychee, and lavendar lemongrass
3 pills
4 pom tea, gingerbread spice and pumpkin spice

Irene said...

1 25
2 Lavender Lemongrass, Citrus Cilantro, Cut Grass
3 Unfortunately, not at the moment.
4 Fig, Gingerbread Spice, Pomegranate Tea

Since I didn't leave contact information, how does this work?

beekay said...

1. 64
2. Cut Grass, Eucalyptus MInt, Beach Sage
3. Both!
4. Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread + Spice, Fig

Anonymous said...

1. 96
2. vanilla apple, grapefruit pear and gingerbread + spice
3. both
4. Gingerbread Spice, Hollyberry and Pomegrante Tea

Casey said...

1. 88
2. Eucalyptus Mint, Grapefruit Pear, Citrus Cilantro
3. Aroma Pills (hate to see them go)
4. Fig, Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice

Love your blog!

Maggie said...

1. 47
2. Eucalyptus Mint, Pomegranate Tea, Beach Sage
3. LOVE the Aroma Pills
4. Pomegranate Tea, Pumpkin Spice & Fig

nettodo said...

1. 90
2. citrus cilantro, fresh lychee, and pomegranate tea
3. I use both.
4. fig, pumpkin, and candy?

arturobandini2 said...

1. 69

2. Beach Sage, Pomegranate Tea, Eucalyptus Mint

3. pills AND rings

4. Gingerbread Spice, Pomegranate Tea, Fig

Cathy said...

1. 45
2. beach sage, cut grass, lavender + lemongrass
3. rings - I didn't know about the pills but would use them if I saw them in the store
4. vanilla apple, gingerbread + spice, hollyberry!

Cindy said...

1. 99
2. Cut Grass, Beach Sage, Lavender + Lemongrass
3. I use both the aroma pills and the rings.
4. Fig, Pomegranate Tea, and Gingerbread + Spice

Ruth Ann Nieman said...

1. 88
2. Citrus Cilantro, cut grass & beach sage
3. both and I'm sad they are gone! :-(
4. gingerbread & spice, hollyberry, pomegranate tea

kaoticorchid said...

1.25, because it's an even number.
2.Vanilla Apple, Lavender + Lemongrass, Gingerbread + Spice
3.I use the aroma spray, rings, and pills. Although I'm almost out of all of my sprays!
4.Gingerbread Spice, Pomegranate Tea, Fig

ken said...

1. 54
2. fresh lychee, pomegranate tea, cut grass
3. use the aroma pills
4. Gingerbrad spice, hollyberry, vanilla apple

Jill said...

1. 100
2. Vanilla Apple, Grapefruit Pear and Pomegranate Tea (aww no Peppermint Vanilla)
3. Pills
4. Spiced Pear, Peppermint Vanilla, Winter Berry

Meg said...

1. 72
2. fresh lychee, lavender + lemongrass, cut grass
3. pills
4. fig, pomegranate tea, pumpkin

Melissa said...

1. 56
2. grapefruit pear, lavendar + lemongrass, pomegranate tea
3. rings
4. cinnamon bark, hollyberry, peppermint vanilla

kirby said...

Either I'm banned from winning any more contests here or my responses are horribly delayed--so if I end up posting this like a zillion times, don't laugh at me, Nate, laugh with me.

1. 72
2. Beach sage, cut grass, and lavender lemongrass
3. Pills
4. Pom tea, gingerbread, and fig.

stephenjames716 said...

1) 100
2) Cut Grass, Citrus Cilantro, Eucalyptus Mint
3) Aroma Pills
4) Gingerbrad Spice, Hollyberry, Vanilla Apple

Marge said...

2-Vanilla apple, Grapefruit pear,eucalyptus mint
3-Aroma pills
4-Cinnamon bark, Pumpkin spice, Spiced pear

Kristen said...

1. 40
2. vanilla apple, gingerbread + spice, grapefruit pear
3. aroma pills
4. gingerbread + spice, fresh lychee, pomegranate tea

Ulf said...

1. 48
2. Citrus Cilantro/Eucalyptus Mint/Pomegranate Tea
3. Aroma Pills
4. Gingerbread + Spice/Hollyberry/Pomegranate Tea

Nate said...

I am so sad to say goodbye to aircare. I loved all of it. :(

1. 48
2. Pomegranate Tea, Cut Grass, Fresh Lychee (I LOVE ALL THREE!)
3. Both! (but mostly pills)
4. Pomegranate tea, gingerbread + spice, fig

Liz M. said...

1. 8
2. cut grass, beach sage, lavender+ lemongrass
3. I use rings.
4. Gingerbread & Spice, Hollyberry, peppermint vanilla.

Adrian said...

1) 53
2) Pomegranate Tea, Grapefruit Pear, Citrus Cilantro
3) Pills
4) Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice, Peppermint Vanilla

Anonymous said...

1) 89
2) Do I really only get to pick 3?
Pomegranate tea, grass, grapefruit pear
3) Pills
4) peppermint vanilla, cinnamon bark and hollyberry

Sharper said...

1. 88
2. eucalyptus mint, vanilla apple and pomegranate tea
3. rings
4. spiced pear, cinnamon bark, gingerbread

Fear the Fellow said...

1. 100.
2. grapefruit pear, pomegranate tea, lavender lemongrass
3. Both
4. Hollyberry, vanilla apple, spiced pear

Logan said...

1. 65
2. lavender +lemongrass, beach sage, vanilla apple
3. both (I lust a good smelling house!)
4. Gingerbread + Spice, Pomegranate Tea, Fig.

idalingi said...

1. 88
2. Lavender + lemongrass, vanilla apple, and fresh lychee.
3. Both.
4. Fig, Pomegranate Tea, and Gingerbread + Spice.

Tami said...

1. 86
2. vanilla apple, citrus cilantro, and fresh lychee
3. rings and pills, but mostly rings
4. Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread + Spice, Fig

HorizontalStripes said...

1. 75
2. eucalyptus mint, lavender + lemongrass, grapefruit pear
3. both rings and pills!
4. pomegranate tea, gingerbread, peppermint vanilla

Rebecca said...

1. 55

2 Citrus Cilantro (LOVE!!), Pomegranate Tea (LOVE AGAIN!!),
Fresh Lychee (SUPER LOVE!)

3 Do you currently use aroma pills, rings, or both?
Both. Although, I am down to the last Vanilla Peppermint pill, so if I don't win this contest, boo hoo gone!

4 Bonus question: What were the three AIRCARE scents method debuted as Fall Editions?
hm. Pomegranate Tea, Gingerbread Spice, Hollyberry.

jeanlass said...

1. 64
2. Cut Grass, Beach Sage (I've never actually experienced it, but it sounds delish!), and Eucalyptus Mint.
3. I'm a pill person!
4 Bonus question: I'm guessing, here... grapefruit pear, gingerbread spice and pomegranate tea?

Nathan, I just remembered that I haven't sent you an image of the Bamboo bottle yet!!! I'm so sorry- will do that ASAP.

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sasha B said...

Why oh why oh why is Method getting out of the air scent business? Are they really throwing us to the Febreeze dogs??? What did we do?


1. 76
2. Lavender, Pomegranate, Grapefruit Pear
3. Pills! (mother's little helpers, dontcha get it??).
4. Debuted in Fall: Oh, if my local Target is any indication, they didn't know nothin' bout debutin' no new fragrances, Miz Scarlett.

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