Tuesday, March 9, 2010

you ylang-ylanged?

method's got a big ole' question for you over on their Facebook page! Don't be left out on having your voice heard on this one, as it concerns a product (and a scent) they've had around fo'EVER!

"survey for the sniffer: we’re thinking of changing the method daily shower spray fragrance. keep it the same - ylang ylang; or a new scent; or eucalyptus mint? tell us why!"

So click on over and give them your opinion (we all know you have one! - And they've already received over 145 comments!) AND then also let us know what you think, here in method lust's comments section!

Do you lust ylang-ylang? Or is it so ylong-ylong? Oy vey.


Personally, I think they've reduced the strength of the scent recently. With the last bulk refill I purchased I noticed two things. Suddenly the contents had gone from clear, to a light yellowish tint. And it used to be, you'd spray that and get an immediate rush of ylang-ylang. And now, with this new bottle, I barely notice the scent. So unless I'm losing my sense of smell, I think they've already made some changes. Some people complain it's too strong. Thoughts?


The Classy Stoner said...

I am all for eucalyptus mint. Though I would love to have it in a form a candle (RIP aircare)

Nathan Aaron said...

I know. I sorta wonder how it is eucalyptus mint didn't make it as part of the aircare line (and was discontinued a couple years ago) if there's apparently SO much lust for the scent in the bathroom products! Crazy.

Rebecca said...

the comment I made to them was:
new scent PLEASE... I've always wondered why you made a bathroom product that smelled like old lady perfume instead of something clean and refreshing... : )

I never did like the ylang-ylang for the bathroom.

Victoria S said...

I liked the idea of ylang ylang, but something about it was off- I have to say I agree with the old lady comment. I think it'd be awesome if they made it in just plain mint, no eucalyptus, like best in glass. Love the scent of that cleaner!

Sprockets said...

Was so glad to see this, never liked the ylang-ylang. Way too overpowering, I always flee the bathroom after spraying it.

I love eucalyptus mint, that would be great, but maybe be nice to mix it up a bit with the bathroom scents. I also love the beach sage, and would like to see the lemon ginger scent used in more products, it is very bright and refreshing :)

(the ginger yuzu stuff doesn't quite have enough ginger in it for me... )

Jamison said...

Actually Nathan, I have a Eucalyptus Mint Aroma Pill still in my Method Vault.

Anonymous said...

ylang-ylang is gross. Eucalyptus Mint please!

kirby said...

Recently I ran out of my daily shower spray and have been using french lavender multi-surface spray in its place with similar (if not better) results. Same routine, spray it and leave it. And a much more agreeable scent. I've also been using a 50/50 mix of multi-surface spray and water in the awesome floor cleaner spray bottle to o-mop my tile floors.

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