Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hard to find deals! - 10% off!

Sometimes it's rather time consuming and just plain exhausting running all over town looking for discontinued method deals at your nearby Big Lots, Ross, etc.! So hey, why not let someone else do all the work for you!

Rachel runs the Better Bath and Beauty store on ebay! It's chock full of all kinds of well, bath and beauty products! But the really great thing is she's got a whole bunch of method goodies mixed in there, too! Like, lots! She'll run all around HER town (and beyond, I'm getting the feeling) snatching up method items to sell on her ebay store! In fact, I'm really glad she doesn't live anywhere near me (at least I don't think she does) cause I have a feeling all my Big Lots would be method free! Ha ha! (She'd buy them all up!)

And get this, she wants to help us out! Looking for your favorite discontinued aircare product? Holiday hand wash? Dryer sheets, dish soap, wipes, and more? Whew! Well, make sure to check out her store (I've set up the link so it immediately shows you all her method products! Yeah, I'm sorta great that way...) and when you decide you simply must purchase up scores of her items, she's gonna give us a 10% discount! How grand is that! When placing your orders simply use the blue "Make Offer" button in her listings and mention in the "Add additional terms" section. And you'll get 10% off! (And what's extra special cool is on most of her items shipping is free!)

So head on over now! You know you need some spiced pear hand wash, and method lullaby baby laundry detergent; oh and those water lily + aloe dryer sheets, wait are those peppermint vanilla pill refills? I better take out a loan...

Thanks, Rachel!

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Sprockets said...

wo, mistletoe and snowy days! tempting...

ah, and pomegranate tea, good memories :)

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