Monday, January 26, 2009

as they say in france...

Ooh la la! (Do they actually say that in France? Hmm? I doubt it... but it sounds very Frenchy, no?) Look what got found! New squeaky green french lavender wet dryer sheets! method luster Karin mentioned she found them at Whole Foods today, and Colleen at method double verified it for me; and reader Sprockets found the pic on their site! Whew! Thanks for all the help, fellow advocates!

I think we should gladly take all credit for this one! What do you say? I'm sure all the complaining here on method lust (we can be known for some complaining from time to time on here, ya know! But hey, it's a good thing!) about how lacking their new squeaky green dryer sheet scents were didn't actually result in this new scent arriving. BUT it sure did pop up out of no where, so I say we take it all! Who's with me! Gloat, gloat! And while you gloat, go buy some new french lavender wet dryer sheets! (Right now found at Whole Foods (they must have signed some huge new deal with method or somethin'? Word!) and online at!

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Karin said...

I'll join in...Oooo la la!!! :)

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