Monday, January 19, 2009

ginger yuzu makes a comeback!

Big news for ginger yuzu (and wet dryer sheet) fans! Seems like the once relegated to hand wash scent is making a comeback at Whole Foods! And they are also beginning to carry a large line of method's laundry products! I received two, count'em, two emails tonight with the breaking news!

Reader Melane said: "We were at Whole Foods the other day and they had an odd collection of Method, including some old school stuff, but what was nice was that they had the wet dryer cloths. (And) they had a $1 coupon in their flyer specifically for Whole Foods that showed a new version of Method cleaner and dish detergent, but we couldn't seem to find that anywhere."

and luster Rhonda also let me know: "I just saw Ginger Yuzu dishwash and all purpose spray at Whole Foods. They also had the full line of laundry stuff- I have been looking for those dryer sheets forever!"

So cool! I'm not sure if these new ginger yuzu items will be available in Target stores, as well as other shops that carry method; or if this is a Whole Foods only item (which I'm sorta hoping it's not, simply because the closest Whole Foods to me is like, an hour and a half away! Darn you Earthfare and Fresh Market, why won't you carry method products?!? Darn you!) So be on the lookout for these new items, and Melane, let us know what other old school items you discovered! I'm really curious! This might be worth an hour and half trip to Whole Foods! I'll post more pics as soon as I receive them!


Also, in more grocery store news, while roaming the aisles at my local Harris Teeter (and right before my truck decided to die on me, resulting in a tow job to the nearest Goodyear. Gonna be late to work tomorrow! Unless it snows a lot tonight! (It's supposed to snow here tonight, cross your fingers for me! We never see snow in these here parts!) I stumbled upon a great deal! Again, they have a variety of method products currently on sale; but the big one was, buy one spray cleaner (lavender or pink grapefruit) get one free! And the price was only $3.99 (a mere .70 cents more than Target! Harris Teeter is sort of an uppity grocery store, so higher prices are sorta expected. But I didn't think that was too bad!) Two bottles of lavender spray cleaner for $2.00 each, ya can't beat that deal! So go, pick up all these goodies, send me pics, lust some method, and have at it!

What do you think? Are you excited method has put ginger yuzu into dish wash and spray cleaner? Let us know! Personally, I think it's about time we saw a little shake-up in the spray cleaner/dish soap line. It's been the same four scents forever! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Funny you bring up Ginger Yuzu-I just scored 3 of the foaming handwashes at BigLots for $2 a piece.

*looks up at sky for snow*

Karin said...

Sorry to tell you Nate but it looks like the ginger yuzu will only be at Whole Foods...I got the same flyer about a week ago and it says "exclusively at whole foods". It hasn't arrived at my Whole Foods yet, but I'm excited because that is one of my favorite scents!

Netta said...

That's good news...there is a whole foods about 25 minutes away from me. I definitely have to check that out. I still have ginger yuzu handwash that I love sooooo much.

Sprockets said...

oooh, and i was gonna include ginger yuzu handwash and the old school drier sheets when i finally order from

i was just in Big Lots the other day and saw zero method stuff. totally hit or miss!

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