Monday, January 12, 2009

clean sweeps

A couple items of note I thought you'd all be interested in!

+ method (via their twitter, methodtweet) has said they've fixed the dish soap problem! What problem? Well...

"we've noted the clogging dish soap issue too & we think we solved it. the new formula is now available for the next time you buy."

Some people have said in the past the bottles tend to clog up, and it becomes more difficult to squeeze out the product. Sounds like it's an issue no more! Yay! I hope the holiday dish soap line fit into this "next time you buy", cause I've backstocked like four bottles of yummy spiced pear!

+ I'm sure you all realized this, but in mentioning the holiday line had gone on clearance at Target, gingerbread + spice was sort of included in that thought process. But just in case, gingerbread + spice is also on clearance! It hasn't hit the same markdown as the holiday items have, yet, but give it time! So run out and pick some up, before it's all gone again!

+ Luster Netta wants to let us know is having a sale on method products! It says "up to 40%!" and sorta while it is, they only have four method items at 40% off. Plus, I'm not really sure if their prices are that great, since AT 40% off their all-surface spray is STILL $3.59. (It's only $3.29 in Target, at regular price.) But you might be able to find some goodies there, such as wet dryer sheets! method's new "Holy Grail" item. As in you can never find them anymore! Fun shopping to you! Thanks Netta!

+ And lastly, method lust reader Melissa just let us in on a big secret (well, not so sure it's a secret, but I didn't know it!) Pertaining to the holiday line (and future method markdowns):

"The one near me has the holiday hand soaps marked down to $1.48, which will be the final markdown if they're following normal clearance procedure (.48 at the end usually indicates that the price won't go any lower)."

Who knew?! Well, probably everyone but me. But hey, now I know! So na-na-na-na-na! Thanks Melissa!

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