Thursday, January 29, 2009

the house that method cleans!

...And let the method lust contest begin! Just in time for all you readers to snatch up your digital cameras and get busy over the weekend!

So what's the contest you ask? And what are all these images of someone's beautiful home, you ask? Who could live in such an amazing palace of charm and sophistication? Why, it's indeed a work of art! It's too much for my simple eyes to take in all at once! Please, please, let me rest my mind of all the grace and modern amazement! Let me... ok, ok! I get it. I'll stop now. I'm so jesting with you! (No, really I am. I am... right? Hmm...) Ok, so this happens to be my humble little abode, and this is your contest! (Well, my humble little abode ISN'T your contest, but it sorta is... oh, just keep reading!)

The brand new method lust contest is simple! And it's your chance to win not only an awesome peppermint vanilla aroma stick set, but a few other method goodies that'll come with it! It's like a surprise method box! Whee! And this, my fellow friends, is what I want from you! (See, contests and prizes never come without a catch. Well, ok, some do. This one, not so much!)

I want YOU to send me a minimum of three photographs of "the house that method cleans!" Meaning, YOUR house! Cause you read method lust, you lust method, you clean houses, method makes house cleaning products, put that all together, and you got well, you know what you got! A clean house, all thanks to those wonderous method products! And we wanna see your clean house! In all it's beautiful glory! Or hey, we'll look at your dirty house, too (if you don't mind some snickering and whispers from some people in the back. Ok, that might not be nice, so maybe we should just stick to the clean houses!)

Three (or more) pics of rooms from your home! That's all you gotta do! Send'em in to me (directions below) and you're entered! And you're not only entered once, but your name is entered TWICE! (Oh, and just so you knows, those pics, yes, they WILL end up on method lust! Ha ha! So, I just thought I'd let you know! But come on, if I can post MY house up here, surely you can post yours, too! Right, right! Let the world know about that great little space you live in! We wanna see!)

Now, if you're shy, there's ANOTHER way to enter into the contest! Send in your method advocate spotlight! You've read them, you've seen them, you know they're better than ever now! So go on, send it in! And I'll enter your name ONCE into the contest! BUT, and here's the huge'o news! If you send in your advocate spotlight (which is so freakin' simple to do!) AND your "the house the method cleans!" three little bit'tle photos, you'll be entered into the contest, not once, not twice, NOT three times, but FOUR big times!

This is how it works, I'll write your name on a piece of paper (so that's four pieces of paper, if you enter both ways! Four, I say! Fo' big chances to win!) And at the end of the contest, I'm gonna old style throw all those names into a big orange bowl, shake well, salt lightly, pepper a little, and PICK a winner! Tada! Just like method lust's last contest winner!

So, what ARE you waiting on? Here are the rules:

"The house that method cleans!" contest rules: Take three pics of rooms in your home, which you clean with method products, and send them to me! Done! (Don't forget to include your name, just so you know, it's really helpful that way!)

and Advocate Spotlight contest rules: go here! And again, done!

This contest will end on 2/15/2009! So get going! You know you lust some peppermint vanilla aroma sticks! (And much more! I'm keeping the rest a hush, hush surprise! Cause that's what a contest is all about! Yes, yes, it is. Stop trying to make me tell you. Now, go, shoot! Send! Win!)


Rebecca Rodgers said...

Your house is teh hawtness!

Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

I am so nosey! I can't wait to see inside people's homes! :-) Your place is beautiful, Nathan!

Kat said...

I love your house! Can you come and help me decorate?

Nathan Aaron said...

Thanks for all the compliments! I'm blushing! :-)

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