Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mom in the city with method

Mom In The City founder, Kimberly, recently wrote about their (I'm not sure which contributor wrote the article, as I can't find a byline, sorry!) lust for method products, in a post titled "Why I Heart method": (via methodtweet!)

"Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to work on a promotion with one of the top sellers among natural cleaners, but I declined. Here’s why: I’m totally committed to the method brand of natural cleaners. It’s not like I have an “exclusivity” contract with method (I’m not on their payroll at all!). It’s simply that they have won my loyalty to their brand.

Since I’ve begun to do consulting/speaking engagements/etc. with consumer companies in regards to marketing to moms/mom bloggers, I thought that I’d share a few points regarding how method accomplished such a feat. (This one’s a freebie!)

1. Method marketers are friendly, respectful and enthusiastic about their brand. To me, a brand is heavily defined by the people whom they choose to work for them. (I “heart” Justine, my main contact person!)

2. Method is innovative. They understand and appreciate the value of word-of-mouth. That is obvious by the manner in which they are constantly introducing new and interactive marketing programs (i.e. their method maven, method advocate and method market initiatives).

3. Method is responsive to moms overall. Before I ever worked with them as a blogger, they provided some of their all purpose spray for 30 moms at an offline “Earth-Friendly Family Playdate at Playgarden” event that I was hosting as a mom group leader. (In my opinion, sampling is one of the best ways to reach moms. If you get great products in the hands of moms, they’re going to go back and buy it afterwards AND share about it to their friends.)

4. They have a wonderful line of products. Without a great product, you really don’t have a leg to stand on irregardless of how fantastic your marketing people are!

5. They consistently connect. Once I began a relationship with method, they have touched bases periodically. I especially like how they effectively use holidays (such as Halloween and Christmas) by sending small cards along with new items that they’re promoting.

6. They treat me as an individual. Here are two examples. 1. Last May, method held a series of “detox” events in NYC that were hosted by various moms (I was one of them). When the method team realized that my 35th birthday was the week of my event, they made it extra special. In addition to having the fabulous Danny Seo teach me and a group of my friends how to do an amazing, eco-friendly craft and gifting all of the attendees with method product-filled gift bags, they also surprised me with a beautiful, yummy birthday cake, a bottle of champagne and much more! 2. They saw (from my blog) that I couldn’t use the dishwasher product that they had sent me (I don’t have a dishwasher). So, they sent me some ‘conventional’ dish soap that I could actually use! (Actually, they sent four, so I was able to share with several other moms in addition to writing about it on my blog.) And...

7. Method never asks me to write about the things that they send me. Even though I normally end up writing about the items anyway, it’s my choice. I write about them, because I like them, not because someone is asking about “a link”. I share the items with my offline friends as well, because I think that they will enjoy them.

Suffice it so say, many women (primarily moms) have emailed me or told me how much they also now love (and purchase) method products. Marketing mission accomplished! As such, it would be smart of marketers to imitate what method is doing right..."

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Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

I (Kimberly, the founder of Mom in the City) wrote this post. Thanks for sharing it. Method is the best!

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