Sunday, January 11, 2009

clip n' save!

method lust reader Melane wanted to share with everyone that she's found a coupon for method products! A rarity, indeed! So head on over to Mambo Sprouts, and download you're very own. Thanks for the heads up, Melane! Honestly, I'm not sure where you can use these at? I'm taking it anywhere? I've never been to Mambo Sprouts before, so if you have any more info. Melane, please drop a comment and let us know! (I can't find anything pertaining to this on their site, but I'm also a bit lazy at the moment and haven't done too much of an indepth search. Hey, at least I admit it!)


Melissa said...

My mom gets a little coupon book from Mambo Sprouts every once in a while - they're regular coupons that you can use in any store. I went to the website and printed this one out (the only downside is that it requires a coupon printer install). It's good through February 26 and lists no store exclusions.

I think I'll be using this at Target - one near me has the holiday hand soaps marked down to $1.48, which will be the final markdown if they're following normal clearance procedure (.48 at the end usually indicates that the price won't go any lower).

melanemac said...

Yes, this is known as an IPC (Internet Printable Coupon) and can be used anywhere that accepts such things. You should be able to print 2 (just go back and print another one) per each computer. Target does accept IPC's.

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