Sunday, January 25, 2009

we'll looky here...

...And, just as I thought. It appears the method holiday line has landed (if you're lucky) at your local Goodwill (and possibly other, thrift stores.) I took a quick roam today (upon realizing Target pulled the remaining holiday method line from their shelves; and the bloq line ended up appearing at random Goodwill stores last summer; AND (whew, I know, just follow with me for a moment) Target products show up at Goodwill stores all the time now; it appears they have some "deal" going on. In fact, many of their Christmas prepackaged gifts (you know, beard trimmers, or stress balls, etc.) were also at the local Goodwill store I patroned today.)

SO, anyway, I only stumbled upon ONE method holiday item, a winter berry bamboo aroma ring for a mere .69 cents! Can you believe that? .69 cents! Crazy! Unfortunately, that was the only item I found (at three Goodwill stores!) But, it does show that the leftover method holiday line did make it there, as we'd guessed was going to happen. So, run to your local Goodwill, and see if you were lucky to get some sent to your nearest store! I'm heading to the one near work tomorrow to see if they have anything (since that happens to be the store that had the HUGE quantity of bloq body items! WHY I literally didn't buy up every single container of bloq green mint body wash, I STILL don't know. All that "let's be frugal and only get what we really need" crap. Man, I gotta get over that...)

Let me know if you find something!

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