Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mo' holiday markdowns

UPDATE UPDATE + And... 50% off hand wash and spray cleaner has hit my Target! So check yours out as well! See, I believed Jamison all along! (Forgive me, Jamison, forgive me!) So thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately, I decided not to go to the one near work (with lots of stock!) but the Target near my home, which was rather cleaned out. BUT I did pick me'self up one bottle of spiced pear hand wash, and one spiced pear spray cleaner! I'll check the other one tomorrow, and see if any goodies have stuck it out, wanting to join my belusted method vault! So, what holiday method have you vaulted away this year, for later use? How much DID you stock up? Do tell!


UPDATE + And... no new price markdowns for my Target! But I'll keep checking! Perhaps Jamison was talking about the 50% off items? I'm waiting for hand wash and spray cleaner at 50%! Come on, come on!


Quick one here, folks! method lust reader Jamison made a request:

"Why don't you let everyone know that Target has taken a final cut on the method clearance items. They've been marked down even more. Glory! Go. Rush. Dash. Sprint. Stockpile."

And I'm more than obliged to do so! But there's sort of a catch here, that I don't believe I've mentioned (F.Y.I.) before.

Here's the Target catch - believe it or not, all Targets follow their own system of markdowns. (Which makes NO sense to me!) So, for example, I'll post a comment about an item being marked down at my local Target, and WHILE it'll probably be the same markdown at yours, it's not always the case. Good example, my three local (local being to my home) Targets have Holiday at 90% off, and have for the past two days or so! Went to the one near work last night, still 75%!?

So Target markdowns will hit all over the country at various (but similar; by a few days/perhaps a week or so) times. Just a heads up! And since I'm not sure what Jamison's markdown prices are (can you tell us?) I can't compare. But I'm still running out and checking!

The current markdown I've been seeing is 50% for candles, dish soap, potpourri balls, aroma rings, aroma sticks and candle trios; while it was still 15% for hand wash, and spray cleaner. I'll let you know what I find out today during lunch!


Anonymous said...

Here's the trick to Target:

1.) Want it? Buy it while it's in stock.
2.) Save your receipt.
3.) If the item goes on sale or gets marked down even more within 14 days of your purchase (as in the case of Method Clearance items), simply take your receipt into Target and they will give you the difference.

I've done this on TVs, clothes, cookies, and Method.

Nathan Aaron said...

Great idea, Jamison! Hmm! Thanks!

stephenjames716 said...

the candle picture here reminded me of the holiday candles that I've used this past christmas season and much to my dismay I thought they were really poorly designed.

I used both the small and large class container candles. one was red, the other green (can't remember the scent names at the moment). I had issues with both sizes, both scents not burning properly, and leaving a ton of wax behind. I didn't really think the scent came off that well either.

I have been buying method candles for years and have never had this happen before. I saw some of these candles on clearance at my target the other day and wouldn't think of getting any more even at clearance price.

did anyone else have this issue?

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Stephen,

YES! Check out this blog, you'll find some posts on this very issue! I have in fact, three candles I've been meaning to photograph for our dear friend Ryan (green chef at method! And he gave us a little insight as to the highs and lows of this new candle design.) BUT the amount of left over wax I have in these three candles is WAY more than "a little problem." I'm seriously hoping they're working on this issue, because like you, I'm really starting to wonder if I might not stop buying method candles until they work out this low burning "kink." And I've NEVER thought to do that before now... More on this soon.

stephenjames716 said...


there is a shot of one of the big candles which barely was in use for a few hours before burning down to the bottom, and then out :(

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