Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hey you, bag boy!

Wow! Hmm... seems all my baggy goodness with reusable totes might be turning the tide! Instead of getting odd stares and into the occasional fist fight with cashiers over their loose plastic bag ways (well, no actual fist fights. But I enjoy them in my head sometimes. "Take that, Cashier Girl! And that! Maybe next time you'll think twice before double plastic bagging that can of tuna!" And once the dust settles, so ends another episode of The Heroic Bag Boy!...) Whoa, where was I?

Oh, the tide is turning! In fact, within the past two weeks I've received two surprise comments. One from K-Mart, upon telling her I didn't need a bag, she said:

"Oh, yeah, you're the guy that never takes a plastic bag! Why can't I remember not to ask you? I see you all the time! It's great how you always use your tote bag." which might say something about how much I've been to Kmart lately (Gah! I know, but it's like, two feet from our offices, so...)

And today at Bath And Body Works, I say to the woman (and I'm seriously barely ever in this store!) that I don't need a bag, pull out my tote, and she says:

"Oh, you're the guy with the cool looking tote bag!"

I had to do a double take on that one, cause I swear I've met her maybe, twice before? Man, word travels fast! So remember next time, tote it! You might get a nice word or two from the cashier (of all things!) Hey, what was once "earthy crunchy" is now oh so hip! And really, don't we all like to (secretly) be on the cutting edge of hip? Oh yes, yes we do. Pick some up at baggubag.com (Cause I love me some Baggu! So seriously!)

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Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

I have three of the Target totes that fold up...they are super huge and were only like $1.43 each. But, anyway, I've been keeping one in my purse "just in case" and it comes in handy! I love those bags.

Of course, I felt like a real jerk whipping the bag out at Wal-Mart, but whatevs....it kept two or three more plastic bags from entering my home so it served it's purpose! :-)

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