Sunday, January 11, 2009

advocate spotlight - rebecca vnuk

method lust advocate spotlight is going big, baby! It's been relegated to the sidebar for too long, and it's time has come! From now on spotlights will be posted in the same style as method profiles! (And I know that means you'll definitely want to send yours in, right? Right? Check below for all the details on how to do just that! Hey, you get a bigger picture now! And we all know you're a bit of a show off, so go on!)

Poor, poor Rebecca! She's a great reader here at method lust, and during my Holiday break in December I decided to clean up my email inbox (which was so bloated with spam it wasn't even funny! Aren't you curious how people actually make money sending you emails about Viagra? Yeah, I am too! I don't get it... seriously.) Anyway, after cleaning it all up, I discovered Rebecca had sent in an advocate spotlight like, in June of last year, and I never got around to posting it! I'm so sorry, Rebecca! So to make it up to you, you're the first official "new and improved" advocate spotlight! Enjoy!

1+ Your name: Rebecca Vnuk

2+ The first method product you purchased: I'm pretty sure it was the pink grapefruit spray, although it might have been the sweet water laundry detergent.

3+ Your favorite method product: Currently, the oMop. This summer I'm sure it will be the Method Baby stuff. - Expecting in August! (NOTE: Oh, man, I'm so behind with this! Congrats!)

4+ Your favorite method scent (current or past): Well, I really miss the Rosemary Mint floor cleaner, but I currently am in love with my Fresh Lychee aroma pill found recently at Big Lots!

5+ Why do you lust method? Mainly because I was tired of almost passing out from the fumes of other cleaners. Cleaners that work, smell fantastic, and come from a cool company. Who could ask for more?

6+ Favorite word that begins with the letter 'm'? Muppets! :)


How would you like to be the next method lust advocate spotlight? You can! It's easy!


Rebecca said...

WOW, I get a whole blog post instead of a sidebar! Too cool. And here I had thought that I must have been up there at some point but didn't catch it. Guess it pays to have been lost in the inbox! : )


Anonymous said...

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