Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy bottle

So while walking through the grocery store yesterday, I stumbled upon this new product for babies (well, new to me, anyway!) It's called Happy Baby. But, what really caught my eye was the packaging for the cereal puffs! They're old method wipes bottles! Who knew? It's sort of like the Virx antibacterial hand sanitizer I found at Big Lots around a year ago, using what appeared to be method spray cleaner bottles.

Did Happy Baby rip off the packaging? I decided to do some investigating, and came around this article on Greener Design:

"When cleaning product maker Method switched the packaging for its cleaning wipes from tall plastic containers to flat packages, they ended up with hundreds of thousands of containers in storage that they weren't going to use.

By partnering with Happy Family, a premium baby and toddler food brand, they found a new life for the containers: Packaging Happy Family's new Happy Baby Puffs.

Happy Family says that there are enough extra Method containers to last them up to a year. The containers include 25 percent post consumer recycled content and are made of HDPE, the commonly-recycled number 2 plastic. The containers are also free of bisphenol A, Happy Family notes, since the organic snacks inside do not come in pouches that separate them from the plastic.

One of the main concerns over bisphenol A, a chemical found in hard plastics and other products, is babies and children being exposed to it when it migrates from packaging into food and drinks, especially when the packaging is heated."


Wow, who knew companies reused one another's packaging! Pretty cool, huh? A nice way to use something up, instead of simply disposing of it (even if it would be via recycling.) So now when you stumble upon Happy Baby Puffs, you won't have to do a double take! You'll know the whole story! Now I'm curious if this is what happened with the Virx hand sanitizer, as well...


Melissa said...

How interesting! This post reminded me to tell you that I ran across a cache of method all surface wipes in the old plastic containers this past Friday at Big Lots - in Go Naked and Pink Grapefruit scents.

A good deal at $2.50 a pop, and I think the plastic containers keep them moist longer. I've used the new packaging twice now and they're all dried out by the end (I run them under the tap for a sec and they're good to go, though). I'm going to hang onto one of these containers and see if I can't reuse it.

I can also confirm that the dish cube hard plastic packaging and the scents you've mentioned are marked for clearance in MD. I'm waiting for a good reduction on the dish cubes (only $.50 off right now) to buy them up.

Rebecca said...

Hey Nathan! Yep, my 9-month old loves these puffs, and I knew that the containers were from some kind of partnership with Method - but, I had no idea they were actual wipes containers! I thought they just used recycled plastic from Method or something, who knew?

Too cool!

Jane said...

That is just awesome! So glad to know the old design didn't go to waste.

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