Wednesday, May 20, 2009

clean sweeps

+ Every once in a while I'll stumble upon some method product that I didn't even know was still around, right there in a store! So just in case there might be some products you too were wishing and longing for, I thought I'd give you a quick list of "extinct products that aren't" that I've seen recently:

+ Eucalyptus mint foaming hand wash can be found at Lowe's Hardware
+ Green tea + aloe, and sweet water hand sanitizer is available at Office Max
+ Did you even realize method made a water flower, and refresh mint foaming hand wash to go along with their marine naturals body wash? I've never seen either in stores, but they're available for purchase on
+ You may also be surprised to know that you can find method's past Holiday line (winterberry, frosted fir, spiced pear and toasted hazelnut), gingerbread spice candles and aroma pill refills, fresh lychee aroma rings, citrus cilantro candles, pomegranate tea aircare, bloq body citron leaf lotion, bloq body green mint body wash, ginger yuzu gel hand wash, water lily + aloe laundry detergent, and the original wet dryer sheets in a variety of scents; all discontinued product, STILL available on! Pretty cool!

+ Target has FINALLY started getting in stock for the new method laundry detergent! I about fell over when I saw it yesterday! Right now I've only seen the larger 64 oz. size in free + clear, but hopefully they'll also stock the other scents soon. Until then, remember you can find the new detergent at Lowe's Hardware, and Lowes grocery stores! (And, compared to Target, both of these stores carry a wider scent and size range.)

+method's Anna Boyarsky is so totally seriously asking method advocates for fragrance suggestions! Really, honestly! She twitters in method tweet "We're looking for some fragrance inspiration. ideas?" So this is your chance! I've asked you all before, and oh, before too! Ha ha! But tell her again! Here's your chance to let your scent lust be heard! Mmm, lemongrass sea flower basil verbana fig lust! I know, I know. I'm living in method scents past! Be sure to let her know not only your favorite method fragrances that have gone to scent Heaven that you'd love seeing return, but what new, never before sniffed method scents you'd lust seeing brought into this world! Butt slap and all! Comment away!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

ok to bring back
peppermint vanilla
fresh lychee
cut grass
beach sage
and just because ive never seen such paris rain

new and never seen:
water flower aroma pills (please)
violet/peppermint/touch of orange
moonflower (which have a floral but slightly lemony smell)
coconut/mango/sweet almond (but with a creamy touch)
a mojito type scent with lime peel/mint
chamomile/lemon/clary sage
green tea/sweet cherry
roast chestnut/honey

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