Friday, May 1, 2009

to blow, or not to blow

Alright, I have a question for all you method lusters? In the land of going green, I often times start thinking to myself "how far is too far? Is there a too far? When will my friends think I've completely gone over the edge? When do the men in white come to pick me up? Will they serve hot chocolate? Cause I'd love a cup! Mmm, but wearing all that white, they might not be too eager to be serving hot chocolate. Perhaps a nice white mocha instead, that'd work well also..." Oh, Uhm, my question to you is - hankerchiefs? Lust'em? Hate'em? Wouldn't ever date'em?

You see, I think hankerchiefs are a love/hate kind of thing. My dad has always used a hankerchief, but I was never really attacted to the idea. I mean, blowing your nose on this piece of fabric, then sliding it back into your pants pocket for "next time." I mean, come on now, you know? And I think that's what really grosses most people out.

But a couple years ago, I decided to pick up a pack. I'm a retro sorta guy, and hankerchiefs suddenly took on an "old school sophisticated" style that I'd been missing. And so I'll keep one in my truck, and use it when needed, and you know what, it's not gross at all. I'm surprised! I own about three of them (they usually come in packs of three) and since I live in North Carolina, allergy capital of the world as far as I'm concerned (it's crazy! Seriously!) I use a LOT of tissues. And I started wondering this week "You know, Nathan. If you started using your hankerchiefs around the house, instead of grabbing for a tissue every time you had to blow your nose; just think of all the tissues you'd save! Which would be better for the environment, AND my wallet!" Of course I'd keep a box in the bathroom for guests. I haven't gone THAT crazy! ("You need a tissue? Oh, there's a hankerchief in the bathroom! Just use that! But don't forget to fold it up all nice like, maybe in the shape of a swan or something, for the next guest to use!" Ha ha!)

It's sort of like my "no more paper towels" usage. All cloths to clean now. Use, wash, reuse, no waste. I could just throw the hankerchiefs in with the cleaning cloths once a week! So what do you think of this? Are hankerchiefs just nasty to you? Is it all in our heads? Would this help the environment out if everyone started using them? Or is my white mocha on it's way?

Mmm... white mocha.


Quill said...

My dad uses handkerchiefs, and I'm afraid I've always found it entirely gross. They're great for other uses--blotting foreheads or cut fingers or tears (or, to quote, theatrical stunts)--but otherwise...ew.

For me tissues fall into the same category as toilet paper. They're used to dispose of bodily waste. "Dispose" being the operative word.

Anonymous said...

I can't get with handkerchiefs-as Quill said-bodily waste.

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