Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In the need for an omop? I'd run on down to your local Target, before, well, it's too late. Looks like our beloved omop might be the next on the Target method product chopping block. There seems to be a whole lot of confusion right now as to what exactly Target is doing (see this previous post), having placed a whole bunch of method products on clearance. I've even received conflicting reports from method themselves. Comments range from method products being put on a limited price reduction to boost sales (which unfortunately is not the case, as these are actual stickered clearance items), to Target re-staging/realigning their displays (which could be possible, but I find it really odd they'd clearance out around fifteen or so method products, just to bring them all back?)

So it looks like for the time being, we'll just have to take a "wait and see what happens" approach. But (hold on, I'm about to make my full circle. You knew I could do it, if I tried really hard!) it looks like the omop might be gone from Target. I noticed at one of my stores, they were put on clearance (all the omop stock there is now gone), and another store had failed to replenish their omop supply, and has now removed the shelf sticker, replacing it with method floor cleaner stickers, and spread out the floor cleaners to take up that area. So if you're in need of a grand ole' omop, I'd pick one up quick! If you miss out at Target, luckily Lowe's Hardware carries the omop, so for the moment, we're safe!

I'll keep you posted as I know more. But it appears everyone (including method) is a little confused on this one!


Anonymous said...

wilmington nc target hasn't a single method product clearanced nor marked down. omops a plenty... maybe some targets have given up on method.

Nathan Aaron said...

One Target near me has all the clearance items, one has a couple of the items on clearance, and one has none of the items on clearance. I think it's only a matter of time, we'll have to wait and see?

Karin said...

No method on clearance at my Target.

Anonymous said...

omops on clearance at the 2 targets near me. was in the market for a new wood pad. only saw 1 mop & 2 all purpose pads - plenty of bottles of floor cleaner not on clearance though. guess i'm off to try lowe's!

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