Tuesday, May 12, 2009

she won, she won!

So I finally (I'm so ashamed!) managed to get Karin her winning "The House The method cleans" contest prize goodie box! Anyone who's won a contest here on method lust knows first hand just how slow I am at mailing packages! But never fear, the good news is, you DO get your package!

So here I am, blogging about Karin, who blogged about the winning box she just received over on her awesome What The Font? blog; after winning this contest, on the method lust blog! Yeah, that's a whole lot of blog going on! She says:

"A while back I entered a contest over on method lust...and I won! Yay! Above are the method goodies that arrived in a big package yesterday. I just love receiving packages!"

Congrats Karin, and to all who entered! AND can you believe I have yet to showcase the photos I received from people's homes, sent in for this contest! I have become so freakin' slack, it's unbelievable. Well, no... actually, I can believe it. Well, I promise to post those pics very soon!

Karin's goodie box included:

+ Eucalyptus mint hand wash
+ Beach sage aroma pill refill
+ Gingerbread + Spice aroma pill refill
+ Hollyberry aroma stick set
+ Go naked wet dryer sheets
+ Leather wipes and
+ Eucalyptus aroma ring refills


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