Thursday, May 28, 2009

now with more foam!

You know, somedays I'm just not sure what Target is up to. In case you haven't been roaming the aisles of your favorite method store (unlike the insane person that is me. Seriously, I should have some special Gold Target card or something, just for the amount of time I spend shopping there. Or or, maybe I could get some free popcorn and a coke at the food counter with each visit! Or well, I don't know, how about a free item with every purchase! Hmm... I'm liking these ideas!)

It seems that Target has done a rather big shake up with their aisles recently. Rearranging all sorts of areas, moving items to new areas, etc! One of the (unfortunate) results to this happens to be quite a few clearanced method products. It would appear they're no longer carrying the method omop, or any of the cleaning cloths; but have retained their floor cleaners. The almond flower creamy body wash and hand wash is gone from Target (while one store has white tea restocked in their new aisle layout; and another one now only carries olive leaf. See, see, weird?!) And quite a few other items seem to have been removed from Target's shelves. The lucky thing is, many of these products can be found at your favorite Lowe's Hardware store! So fear not! (And of course, on!)

However, one good thing that seems to have come out of this shake up is, Target now carries method refresh mint and waterflower in foaming hand wash (previously they only carried the gel)! So if you like these scents, run out and pick yourself up a bottle or two!

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