Friday, May 1, 2009

we're with b corp.

Word, I'm sorta behind on this post, but what can ya do, ya know? So here ya go! Ya! Ya! Ya! (from method's people against dirty blog.) This is really cool news!

"With the mounting global financial crisis comes great uncertainty for the corporate world. Businesses continue to face troubling days ahead, leading many to rethink more broadly how they fit into society. For us at Method, one bright spot through the clouds is our position as a B-Corporation, and we encourage fellow brands to follow suit.

The brainchild of two successful entrepreneurs, B-Corporation is a group that has built the legal basis for companies to create social and environmental benefit as part of their business models, rather than being focused solely on profitability. In its short history, B-Corp has convened 185 companies with social or environmental mandates. B-Corp has fostered a community centered on its own values by having each company complete a publicly reported survey of their environmental and social practices.

Method’s values define our mode of business. As a founding B-Corporation company, we have taken the B-Corp survey that rates us on our commitment to solving social and environmental issues as part of our business. Survey results are published for all to see. This helps us by keeping our values visible in our path, and by allowing anyone wondering how we’re doing to find out.

Keep an eye out for the B-Corporation logo – there are now 185 certified B Corporations, representing $965 million in market value in a range of sectors. Visit to see the full list of B-Corp companies and review their survey scores."

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Sweet! ..and they're on facebook!

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