Monday, May 18, 2009


...That's the sound of saving money! method lust reader Katie (and method tweet!) let me know that you can currently download a $1.00 off coupon from Ideal Bite, for a method product! Now, since we all know how rare method coupons are, I say download before it's too late! Enjoy! Be sure to get yourself something pretty! Maybe something that matches your outfit. Purple always did go nice with your eyes, you know... (And the coupon doesn't expire until January 2010! Sweet!)


Note: The site will only allow you to print up to two coupons, after that you'll start receiving "household limit exceeded" pages. So don't try to print out more than two, unless you want to waste some paper. LOL Just thought I'd let everyone know (as some readers have commented about this.)


stephanie j. said...

Hey thanks, Nathan! I have Method stuff on my shopping list for tomorrow, and any bit helps!

Anonymous said...

You should post a beware for this. I am annoyed to all heck now.

I installed their lovely "software" and forgot to put paper in the printer. When I put some in, it printed that I had exceeded my household limit. (Hey thanks for wasting my paper coupon place!) Worst of all I went to uninstall this "software" and it's not in the list of software. So now I need to track this down on my pc and probably do some googling on how to get rid of this.

I'm pretty ticked off at this moment.

Nathan Aaron said...

Anon, the limit on the coupon appears to be two. So after you print more than two, you'll start to receive those "household limit exceeded" notices. Yeah, it is a waste of paper (but perhaps it's our punishment for trying to print fifteen coupons. LOL!)

As for the software, I "believe" it's just browser based. That's probably why it didn't show up in your software list. I don't believe it actually installs anything, or if it does, it's very small, and connected with your browser only. Most online coupon sites I've used do the same thing, so it's not just this one in particular.

Did you not get any coupons out of the deal? Like I said, even with "out of paper" when you put some in, it should have printed two for you, then started on the "exceeded" pages.

Rachel from Method said...

Anonymous - We're so sorry you are frustrated by the coupon printing. Technology is AWESOME...until it fails you, right?? :) Please contact me and I'll hook you up with a coupon.

Anonymous said...

Nah I didn't get any out of the deal. That's what started the frustration lol.

Eh I'll be fine. I've been buying method for years without coupons.

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