Tuesday, May 12, 2009

impress your guests

The oh so über cool website, Apartment Therapy, has a nice little write up on hand soaps people have in their homes that help to "impress your guests!" The article goes:

"Perhaps it's a case of the grass always being greener, but it seems that whenever we go over to a friend's house and use the bathroom, their hand soap smells better than ours. Maybe theirs is more expensive or perhaps they just stumbled on the best Method scent or it's just nice to smell something different, but we tend to appreciate this little detail more at others' homes than in our own. Does this happen to you?"

They then go on to mention method hand wash!

"Method Hand Soap in Green Tea and Aloe is the cleanest smell ever, but we can't always find this elusive scent at Target, so when we do, we stock up. It's eco friendly and it's cheap, $4.99"

You can read the complete article here.


Uhm, if that price is right, I'm glad I don't live in Los Angeles (the area the article is taken; they break up Apartment Therapy by "hip" cities, LOL; San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, etc.) $4.99?! My local Target carries it for $3.29! (Though I'd imagine Los Angeles would be a tad bit pricier.)

I love some of the comments readers left, including this one:

"We have both bathrooms stocked with Method's Rain (or something like that). It's a great smell, and it's clear, so it would go with any bathroom." Obviously they're talking about Sweet water! I just love how they got Rain out of that!


So, what method hand wash scent do you keep in your bathroom/kitchen to "impress your guests?" And do you think the following comment is true (left by another reader:)

"I always keep bar soap as well as liquid because I've noticed that some people (AHEM, MEN) seem to prefer it, and at least in the case of my boyfriend and dad, don't wash their hands properly with liquid soap. Sigh."

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Karin said...

Well...I now have method eucalyptus mint liquid hand soap (thanks to you!) in my bathroom...I think the blue color of this soap is so pretty! I wish method kept eucalyptus mint as a permanent scent.

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