Friday, May 15, 2009

into the sunset

Well howdy, partners! You ready to rustle up some method? Cause these fillies will be ridin' into the sunset soon! So you better saddle up and ride on over to your local Target, folks! Buh'for all the goodies are gone!

Looks like the citrus cilantro and pomegranate tea aircare line has officially hit full clearance at Target. All items in those two scents have been red stickered! Since these were special edition scents from method, I'd pick up what I want because they may or may not come back from method scent Heaven! And while you're making the trip, the bamboo special edition aroma rings are also on clearance. (These only came in sweet water scent; but of course could be refilled with any scent you lust!) I'm sorta surprised method didn't keep these around, I think they're much more stylish than the white plastic ones they have. Time will tell, maybe they'll bring them back! But until then, grab a couple for around the house!

And the barn! That place dag'gum stinks, what with all the cows, pigs, goats and horses! Now, giddy-up and go!


melanemac said...

One of my Targets also had the kids body wash in both scents clearanced (of course different prices for different!) so I stocked up on those, some of the creamy body wash and all of the creamy body bars clearanced. Another one of my Targets had the dish cubes clearanced, so I stocked up on those.

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, I'd mentioned this happening in a couple earlier posts. Looks like it's finally hitting all the Targets (see, you guys have NO faith in me! I told you!) LOL

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