Saturday, May 2, 2009

win stuff!

Update Hey lusters! Keep in mind this is NOT a method lust contest. So if you want to submit your entry, you'll need to click the link at the bottom of this post, and comment THERE (not here, unfortunately.) I've just noticed two readers did this, so I wanted to make sure the directions were understood. Good luck!


From method's people against dirty blog:

"One of the perks of being Method’s co-conspirator is that I get invited to fancy (and fun) events in New York City to help spread the Method gospel cheer. For the first year ever, held their Heart of Green Awards in the LEED-certified Hearst building in New York City (appropriate, since TheDailyGreen is owned by Hearst) and honored leading movers and shakers in the green space for innovating new ideas, trends and movements.

After grabbing the gift bag, I thought it would be fun to give away the prize-filled tote to a lucky Method blog reader. Inside the recycled tote (made from water bottles), you’ll find:

+ Method grapefruit hand wash. Yum!
+ An Ebay reusable water bottle.
+ Kiss my Face Creamy Face Cleanser
+ A copy of Esquire with Ben Affleck looking annoyed on the cover
+ Physicans Formula organic wear makeup
+ Sula nail polish
+ An organic chocolate bar
+ A 4-pack of Verterra biodegradable trays made from fallen palm leaves
+ An Ecoist recycled wrapper bracelet
+ Blue Q “This Economy Sucks” change purse.

To win, just click here to leave a comment on why you should win the prize filled tote. No need to be super creative: you can just say “I love it” and you’ll be eligible. Good luck!"


Rebecca Rodgers said...

I luvs it...
Not feeling creative at all this evening.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Rebecca, remember to click the link to leave a comment over on people against dirty. This isn't an actual method lust contest! Just FYI!

Logan said...

Well besides the fact that I love it, winning a prize like this would really perk up my spirits and make my day. These past few weeks have been pretty tough on me, but I can always count on Method and Method Lust to make me smile (and smell wonderful!)

Karin said...

i don't know what's going on with that contest...because every time i've tried to enter i can't completely scroll down to the bottom and therefore cannot enter the contest. i can only see the comment field...i think there is something wrong with the site. anyone else had this problem? i've tried from two different computers.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Karin my friend Sam had the same issue. He tried a zillion browsers and finally had to go use ole (evil) but trusty Internet Explorer. Try that IF you haven't already... weird.

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