Monday, December 8, 2008

clean sweeps!

+ Big Lots blowout! If you haven't taken a trip to your local Big Lots lately, do! It looks like method (or whoever sends these things out? I'm not sure...) has done a big new shipment! Lusters from all over are finding all sorts of method greatness! In fact, I decided to head out this weekend, and found a slew (I'm talkin' slew!) of ginger yuzu hand wash in gel and foaming varieties! As well as some sweet water hand wash (again in both versions), a couple bottles of sweet water laundry detergent, more eucalyptus + mint gel hand wash (again, tons of it!) and let's not forget some almond flower, olive leaf, and white tea creamy hand wash!

Reader Josh found the above hand soap combo packs (which I've never even seen!) in sweet water and green tea + aloe. A mere $6. for 2 bottles and a 25 oz. refill! So definitely head on over to Big Lots, and find some finds!

+ And speaking of finds, Josh is a lucky, lucky man! Check out this photo!

He found this display at his local Wegman's (and I so wish we had this chain in the south east! MAN! Look at all those candles... sniff sniff. And aroma beads. Oh, I'm in pain! Pain, I tell ya! So much lusting, so little time.) He says: "Hand soaps, rings, candles, beads, and sticks were all there (and on sale too! $2.79 for soap I believe, $9.99 for rings, $4.99 for candles or something ...i forget really. the only thing missing was the all surface spray." Oh, Josh, and I think the dish soap is missing as well.

It makes my tiny little cardboard stand at my Harris Teeter look so puny in comparison. And speaking of said cardboard stand, my fears were true! No restock! I just went yesterday, and the stand was gone! Gone. And I found two little bottles, one cinnamon bark, and one peppermint vanilla, just shoved on an end cap, with cereal. LOL The poor cinnamon bark bottle is all banged up and dented. And no one loves it. Didn't they see Rudolph? Don't they know about misfit toys? Won't someone take in this little sad bottle? So anyway, it looks like you definitely need to be picking up these last year finds while you can, cause when they're gone, they're gone! ...Unless you have a Wegman's, it looks like. Then you can swim in method holiday products. Sigh!

+ Josh (he's popular in this post!) also asked if anyone has seen any method dryer sheets. As he's been looking everywhere, but no luck. Unforunately, as far as I know Josh, the only place to find them right now is on method's site. Target pulled the wet dry sheets ages ago, and they've since been discontinued (I swear, if Big Lots shows up some lavender + juniper wet dry sheets, I'm buying out the LOT! I'm so not joking! Oh, I lust those things...) method is replacing the line with the new wet dry sheets in sweet water, rice milk + mallow, and go naked. BUT, I haven't seen those anywhere yet. And the original dryer sheets were gone long, long ago (in a galaxy far away!)


Karin said...

wegman's sells method? did not know...will have to stop by my local wegman's to check it out...i usually stay away from the mega-grocery store...but maybe i'll make an exception.

Anonymous said...

I'ma have to hit all the Big Lots this week and see if any new method has appeared. Nevermind I'm running out of room for it!

Britney said...

I just stopped at a Big Lots in Milford, MA and found ginger and eucalyptus soap and sweet water laundry detergent...the soap was 2 bucks and laundry stuff was 4...score!

josh said...

this is a little followup to my wegman's find:

they have since added peppermint vanilla and hollyberry dish soaps! i'm not sure if they're going to add cinnamon or if it was there and sold out or what! there are no pricetags for them i'm not sure.

sidenote: they aren't made with the new bellybutton bottles.


UGH, STOP TEASING ME, WEGMANS. i don't care about dish soap. i want my peppermint vanilla all-surface spray :< i'm running sooo low on last year's bottle and i'm scared to use it anymore until i can find backup!

Nathan Aaron said...

Unfortunately, cinnamon bark dish soap was never made. :-( Sniff! But maybe someday! Great finds!

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