Thursday, December 11, 2008

what next?

Uhm, yeah, I'm so excited! Because my favorite (right below method's very own "Plastic Rehab" tote, of course!) reusable tote, the Baggu bag (see pic), now comes in three sizes! So awesome! These things work great!

Which leads me to asking you, dear lustful readers, a question! By now you should all know my No More Plastic Bags + Paper Towels Challenge! (And if you don't, shame on you! No fruitcake for you! Well, wait that might not be much of a punishment...) You can read up on my Plastic Bag Challenge, as well as the Paper Towel Challenge, and then you'll be all caught up!

And hey, insert sly smile here, it's almost New Years! What a great time to add these two challenges to your resolutions for next year! I swear, I've said it so many times, but you'll never miss either of these two items. I can't even remember when I bought paper towels now (ok, so it was like four, five months ago. But that's a long time without paper towels!) My microfiber cloths work like a charm! And plastic bags from a retail store? Gah! Never again. Lately I've been forgetting my reusable totes when I head into the grocery store for ONE item and walk out with like, six. And I literally just precariously carry them out of the store, bagless (with receipt in hand in case anyone things I did a grab and run! LOL) I get an occasion odd look from a customer walking into the store as I walk out, but at this point, I seriously don't care! All that beginners worry is gone ("What will others think?" "Will they wonder if I stole this?" "How pushy can I be to make them use my tote?" "Do I look pretty in pink?" "Of course I look pretty in pink! What kind of question was that?!") Yes!


I promise you can. I had the same questions, worries, and "I'll never be able to pull this off" that you do. And yes, every once in a while I do stumble upon some use for a paper towel that I have to work out in my head (bacon, wood stain, etc.) But you'll figure it out, just as I do (or uh, just ask me! I don't have all the answers, but uhm, most of them. Yeah, I have a secret answers book. I use it to get my way in life. Erm, I mean, to help others out!) And tada, you're all the better for it.


Your Question
Ok, ok, enough pushing. Here's my question for you! I'm taking suggestions as to what you think my next environmental goal should be? Give me your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas; and I'll pick one as my next Challenge!

"Oh man, and then he'll harp on it forever. Just like those dang paper towels and plastic bags!" Yes, yes, I will. But you know you secretly lust all my harping, yes you do.

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