Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more tissues, please...

Woe is me! After barely beginning to pick up the pieces upon The Great Sarah leaving method last month; now we have to start stocking up on more tissue boxes, as our wonderful Felicia Benefield is moving to Belgium next week (thereby also leaving method!) It seems like only yesterday she was filling out her method profiles! And now, she'd bidding us farewell!

Great luck Felicia! I'm jealous (Belgium!) I know there will be many advocates here that will miss you! Send ole' method lust a postcard!

Everyone, take a moment to wish her your best!


Anonymous said...

We LOVE her here at Method. You couldn't ask for a nicer, more helpful person ! She's pursuing a Masters Degree in Belgium. We are proud of her !

Felicia said...

Thanks Nathan, and lovely anonymous poster, (I'm going to have hunt you down in the office and give you a hug)

Don't worry though. method's in great hands and I'm so excited about the direction the advocacy repsonse team is going to take. I'm actually super sad I'm leaving when I am, next year is going to be so cool! But I'm happy about exploring the next direction of my life. So tot ziens to San Francisco, CA and goeiendag to Gent, Belgium.

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