Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday leftovers

...and I'm not talking turkey, folks! Whew! Alright... well that was a (great) but whirlwind holiday week. Where did it go? I'm still looking for it, so if you see my holiday week, give me a call, ok? It's about this tall, wears jingle bells, and goes by the name of ho ho ho!

While we're looking for my holiday week (how was yours? Did you get any method goodies for the holidays?) give me a bit of time to get reacquainted with technology (given that my parents have a 28.8 modem connection. Yeah, you read right. What is that about? I could chisel the internet pages out of rock faster than they would load. No, seriously...) and I'll get back into the lustful swing of things! Until then, let's keep up with all the latest discount (ah, so THAT'S what he means by holiday leftovers!) deals! If you spot any method holiday discounts, please post them here, as I know I'll miss some!

+ Target is still holding tight to their 15% method holiday clearance prices at the moment. You know what's funny, you're gone for a week, and when you return, you think you've been gone for months! It's like "15% still?! But it's been a week!" where as if you'd been doing your normal schedule that week, you'd be saying "15% still, of course, it's only been five days. boo." But they have added the gingerbread + spice to their clearance list. Also at the current 15% off.

+ Office Max has placed their method holiday line (from last year, hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla) on 50% off. I've hit up two of them, and they seem to only have the aroma sticks still around, but perhaps you'll have better luck!

+ has also placed their method holiday items (also from last year, some peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark plug-in refills; and hollyberry and cinnamon bark hand wash) on clearance. Prices range from $2.89 to $7.47. ALSO, they currently have the method Plastic Bag Rehab totes for sale at only $4.99 (they usually go for $15!) So pick one up if you haven't yet, that's an amazing deal!


Anonymous said...

mmmm holiday leftovers!!!

Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

Target has holiday method stuff really reduced! I bought handsoap for $2 something and the aroma balls, candles and diffusers are in the $3 range. Also, the dishsoap and small bottles of cleaner are in the $2-$3 range as well.

I need to go back and stock up...I lurves me some Spiced Pear!

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