Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ohh, orangey

(Yeah, I know. The candle is green. We'll get to the orangey in a minute, ok? Hold on...) Winter berry and Frosted Fir must be the name of the game this year! Well, ok, to be honest, they're calling theirs Frosted Forest (I believe) but it's so close, ok? Come on, work with me here.

Old Navy has a new line of candles out for the holidays, and I was surprised at the similar names they'd been given. Similar, that is, to method's own holiday line! Winter Berry is slightly the same, but their Frosted Forest is just gah! Gross. method got it down right, Old Navy, not so much.

BUT, the reason for this post IS, to not only let you know of one candle they have that would go perfectly with your method flock this season; but to also whisper a little future scent hint for method's next holiday. Old Navy currently has a clementine clove candle, and it's drool worthy! So seriously. This scent appears here and there this time of year; but you know what, I never think there's enough "orange" in the overall bouqet. I want ORANGE, with an undertone of spices, etc. And that's exactly what you get here with this candle. Seriously, I've bought two! And I burn one at the same time, with my frosted fir method candle. And it gives you this great combination of pine trees meets orange and clove, spice and crisp freshness... oh, it's Heavenly!

Pick one up while you can (they're currently on sale for $10., from $12.50) and add it to your method holiday candle stock! It'll all smell great together! And next year, wow, wouldn't it be great to get some orange/clementine scent from method for the holidays? Mmm, yes it would, Nathan, yes it would... You come up with such wonderful ideas! Why thank you, I so appreciate it! And yes, you're right, I do. I do. Uhm, am I talking to myself? Yes you are, Nathan. Yes you are. Ok, just checking.


Karin said...

this makes a lot of sense...especially since i know a lot of people who get oranges in their stockings every year (i think it's a cheap filler, but whatever). some other great scents (i think) would be: mulled/spiced cider or mulled wine, or clove cassis (anthropologie has soap in that scent...yum).

cloves and clementines are very christmasy! i will have to check out those old navy candles...i have loved a few of theirs in the past.

Anonymous said...

I discovered the same thing last year when I was using Method's Peppermint Vanilla surface spray to wipe down my orange juice press. The olfactory cocktail was so delicious, it reminded me of Creamsicles from my youth. I sent the suggestion to Method, where it went directly into their circular file.

Anonymous said...

Clementine clove?
Oh I'm so there!

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