Thursday, December 18, 2008

let the holiday sale begin (early!)

Looks like Target has started the method holiday sale, early! (Oh, wait, did I already say early in the title? Well, it's worth repeating!) This is a change of pace, as last year they actually waited 'til mid January! I just stopped by on my way home from work tonight, and while hand wash, dish soap, and spray cleaner are still regular price; all other holiday method items have hit sale! As in after-holiday sale! Right now they're only 15% off (which is the first markdown discount Target usually does.)

So if you're looking for some frosted fir, spiced pear, winter berry, or toasted hazelnut candles, aroma rings, aroma sticks (hmm, just realized they were gone!), candle trios, or potpourri ornaments, now's the time! Run on out, and pick some up!


Looks like lust readers Jamison and Josh found them as well! You readers sure do post comments in the strangest places! Ha ha! Thanks for the info., guys!

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