Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ho ho ho flashbacks

Remember those times when you were a child, and you dreamed of all the wonderful trinkets, toys, and things dear ole' Santa Claus would bring you? Remember that magical feeling you used to get as Christmas and the holidays crept ever closer? Twinkling lights, hot cocoa, candy canes, Christmas carols, big packages, glittery wrapping paper (well, my mom still uses glittery wrapping paper! I think it's her way of trying to be "ok with me." Glitter = gay, well, at least in her books. Ok? And really, it's a sweet gesture (cause psst, glitter = gay. Well, ok, I may be biased!) Anywho, remember all those snowy, wintery, precious Holiday moments of our childhood?

And how now, as adults, we pretty much spend most of our time trying to relive our holiday past! Cause, seriously, life just blows as adults! Oh, what, sorry, am I bitter? Never.

Well, in much the same way (minus the blowing part. Cause method still rocks our world!), let's take a stroll back in method time! And check out two previous website images oh so long ago! Above is a shot showcasing the debut of their peppermint vanilla, hollyberry, and mistletoe line! Yeah, this image is old! Like when you were four years old, old. Except in method years. Which is more like cat years. Cause they're not that old, yet. (Well, they're more than four years old, but oh, you know what I mean!)

...And does anyone remember these? Holiday bundles promoting their peppermint vanilla, and hollyberry scents. They came in cute wire sink caddies! All packed up in adorable packaging, with a little candle (what their candles used to look like), or hand lotion. The copy reads:

"Fruitcake is not a biodegradable gift - Actually one of our summer interns checked on this so it's almost definitely incorrect. We're sending the fruitcake people a method sink set as a peace-offering. If you want to get on someone's good side, send them a set as well. Holiday sets are available in stores. The peppermint vanilla sink set is available online. Includes hand wash, hand lotion and a sink caddy."

Yeah, get this, way back when, they had two holiday scents, in hand lotion, a candle, and hand soap. NOW don't you feel special with all the scent and product choices you get during the holidays? I know I do!

Look for more flashback holiday method throughout the next couple weeks! When did you first discover holiday method? And what holiday scent/product was it you first purchased? - Ho ho ho!


josh said...

As my comments usually are, this is a little off topic. I thought of it when i was reading about the peppermint vanilla lotion...

At the biglots at school, i found ~*~signature scent~*~ method hand lotion. It smells almost like sweet water but a little more bland/chemical-y? I dunno! I had just never seen it before. What's the 411 on that stuff?

Also, what was the mistletoe like? I don't think I was that much of a method luster at that time :<

Nathan Aaron said...

Even I never got to try out mistletoe. CAN you believe that? There are a few really early method items I missed. Sniff.

As for signature scent. I could swear it's just sweet water with a different name. After all, if you think about it, sweet water IS method's signature scent, SO it sort of goes hand in hand. The hand lotion was method's first foray into their body line.

And are you JUST now finding these things at your Big Lots? Cause this stuff is ancient! Vintage! Lucky you if you are!

josh said...

hahaha yeaaaaaah! last two times i was there (like, two weeks apart) i counted about half a dozen lotions. and i'm pretty sure none of them had sold between visits.

all of the bottles were scuffed to heck, though! :<

maybe i'll pick up one of the least beat up ones before i head home for christmas break. just for the heck of it?

josh said...


while out running errands today, i stopped at the biglots where i saw all those oldtimey signature scent hand lotions... and ALL of the shelves in the store had been reorganized and cleaned (i wonder how long that will last) and they were ALL gone. the other lotions were in a different aisle, and i searched high and low in the entire bodycare area and could not find them. i can't imagine anyone buying them ALL, seeing as how they sat there untouched for the longest time. were they THAT old that the store got rid of them? i dont know!

*sigh* anyway, so after stalking around the entire store and harassing the employees, i figured i'd go to target and buy something in spiced pear to treat myself after the fiasco at biglots. and what do you know... the target greatland in allentown, pa has NO holiday method stuff. no display at the end of the aisle, none hiding with the regular method stuff, nothing. and the employees had no idea what i was talking about when i asked and just directed me to the seasonal/christmas department haaaaaa.

:< what a gross day! (not to mention it's been raining cats and dogs since yesterday and i have a final project due tonight *barf*)

ps: i hate the setup of target greatlands. first of all, they hardly seem any bigger/or have more stuff than the regular old targets. plus their aisles are arranged stupidly. i like how the cleaning stuff, bath, pharmacy, etc is usually all along the wall in regular targets. the end of the aisles facing the wall ALWAYS have good clearance areas. the greatland ones? hardly any! probably because EVERY end of the aisles there are considered ~*~front ends~*~ since they are in the middle. ARGGGGGGGGGH. *END RANT*

Kristianna said...

I still have my caddies from that year. They're great for in the bathroom, and look so pulled together. Plus they're exclusive, haha!

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