Friday, December 19, 2008

happy holidays from method lust

Alright, I'm outta here like Santa heading to Hawaii on December 26th! I mean, come on, after all the work he does Christmas Eve, he deserves a vacation! I'll be heading home for one week (please snow, please snow! Though I know some of you are already saying "enough snow!") and then I'll be back! Well, that's how these things sorta work, now isn't it?

I'm excited for method, and method lust in 2009! New challenges, new products (and I'm hearing whispers of possible scent choices like tangerine + ginger, seacress, and more! I'm all giddy!) and, I'm hoping, a fresh coat of paint here for method lust!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for rocking method lust! Without you, well, I'd pretty much be writing to myself. Ho ho ho! (And all that jazz!)

1 comment:

Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

Happy holidays, Nathan! Travel safe and enjoy your time with the family!

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