Thursday, December 4, 2008

ebay surprises

New method finds from ebay! (They always have a few method items, but I try to find the rare, or great deal finds to post here on method lust!) Today we have a great old school method product!

+ method grapefruit + pear aroma capsule (yes, capsule! The precursor to the aroma ring!) - $6.79 (Buy It Now Price) + $3.21 shipping - This is a great deal! These are really hard to find! They've been discontinued, well, like forever! This comes with one aroma capsule, two AA batteries, and a capsule refill. It would sort of be a one time thing, since it'd be pretty hard to find more refills. But for "vintage" method, this is a great find!

+ method sweet water aroma pill and four refills - $9.99 ($19.00 Buy It Now Price) + $10.25 shipping - Package deal. You're really getting five refills (as the pill comes with one) and a new pill! But I think you might be able to purchase this in the store, and get it slightly cheaper (if you use the Buy It Now Price option.) So I'd try to just bid on the item to begin with, and see where it goes.

1 comment:

Karin said...

do not buy aroma capsules...waste of money...they break within days...i had two. smart of method to take them off the market.

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