Monday, December 29, 2008

home for the holidays

That's my dad, extremely intrigued by that method pink grapefruit all-surface spray cleaner bottle! Ha ha! So this holiday, I tried (uhm, 50%. Ok? So I've got to work myself up, slowly. I think I did well!) to give family and friends consumables. Something they could use, and use up! Instead of sitting around and gathering dust. (Wait, if it gathered dust, then method products could clean it! Hmm, perhaps consumables weren't the way to go, more to clean means more method! No, no. I'm sure consumables were a good idea...)

Well, I decided this year I'd get my mom a great big basket of method products for the holidays! Hold on, hold on. You're giving your mom cleaning products?! I know. But a) the closest Target (and hence, method) from us at home is an hour and a half away (can you believe that. I could never move home. Not never.) and b) she's liked the few method products she's purchased in the past, when she'd been down visiting me in NC; and c) she needs to get rid of all those nasty cleaners she's using! In fact, during this trip up, she had her method spiced pear hand wash bottle out in the bathroom. And it was filled with, I shudder, dial hand wash. Gah! When I first used it, I was like AH! LOL I totally called her out on it, too...

Now, I know what you're thinking. NATHAN! Is that tissue paper?! I know, three steps forward, one step back. But again, with some things, it's a slow progression. But I think I did well, actually. I wanted to give her the whole surprise of opening something, so yes, I did wrap the items in tissue paper. BUT, I figured that was better than wrapping each thing in actual wrapping paper. Well, it made sense in my head, at least. Doesn't it make sense to you? Just shake your head yes, ok? Thank you.

And that overflowing white "paper" that's coming out of the basket and making you scream? Hold up! It's actually this soft gauzy stuff that I received ages ago when someone sent me a package, to keep the item safe; and I always save all the peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. I get to reuse, so as not to waste it. And I thought this would be perfect to wrap up the whole "package" with, inside the basket. So actually, I'm recycling packing material, and using it for gift wrap. AND, I picked it back up when she was done unwrapping, and am all set to use it again! She didn't tear it or anything, so it worked great!

AND, AND, the basket is a great (used) find from a thrift store I frequent. See, I'm trying here. She really liked the package, and immediately went and replaced faux spiced pear with her waterflower hand wash I got her. She lusts the waterflower body wash, so I knew she'd like the hand wash as well.

As she opened each item, I told her what it was for, and some I specifically had her smell (cause I'm all about the smells, baby! Wait, did that come out right?) So, in order of the pictures above (which I had to shoot twice to get it all in! Lucky her! We had a budget going for gifts this year, and she swore I went over it with these products. But no, I didn't! See, method can be thrifty, too!)

First photo: Ginger yuzu hand wash, almond flower hand wash, waterflower hand wash, and go naked wipes. Next photo: eucalyptus + mint lil' bowl blu toilet cleaner, mint glass cleaner, almond wood for good, spiced pear dish soap, pink grapefruit all-surface cleaner, and hiding back there, pomegranate tea aroma spray. WHICH, by the way method, she LOVED the bottle! Like, loved. She replied multiple times about her love for the little ring at the top (which reminded her of some fireman thing, don't ask me!) So congrats, you got my mom to comment on packaging. Not an easy feat! In fact, she giggled as she opened that aroma spray! Oh, and my dad exclaimed "These are made out of bamboo!?" when he read the package for the go naked wipes. I think he was surprised!


So there you have it! My methody holiday! How was yours? Did you give, or get any method goodies this year? Tell us what you gave/got?


PS - Oh, and Happy New Year!


Sam said...

"I totally called her out on it, too..."

You're such a hoot! Glad you had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Method gift baskets rock!

Rebecca said...

looks like fun! As stocking stuffer gifts from my mom, my siblings got PV and CB aroma rings and I got a PV spray and CB cleaning spray (she must have been saving them from last year's clearance sales...)

josh said...

i didn't give or get any method gifts :< ...

rather i just went crazy buying the holiday stuff from target and wegman's like nobody's business (since it was clearance).

there's a target right next to where i work, so i stop after work every single day and check up on the clearancing. all of the holiday stuff is 50% off except the soaps and sprays!

good idea though. it's always better to buy gifts that you know people will use.

Anonymous said...

I gave Method hand wash to friends when I arrived at their Christmas/New Years parties. I put a nice bow on each one and it was a great host/hostess gift, all for under $4.00.

I didn't receive any Method though. Kind of sad. I did however receive a $20.00 Target Gift Card, which of course I am going to use on the Clearance Method products.

josh said...

this just in!

wegman's has the old holiday handsoaps and dishsoaps for 1.50$ (pepvanilla, hollyberry, cinnamon) so i grabbed a bunch of handsoaps and made my way to the checkout...

...only to find out with my shopper's card they rang up as a dollar a piece!


Nathan Aaron said...

Josh, we are SO jealous... stop rubbing it in! ;-) Ha ha!

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