Tuesday, February 17, 2009

advocate spotlight - cassa gimenez

Welcome back to another method lust advocate spotlight! Where I get the chance to show off just how much YOU lust method! (Cause really, after a while all my gushing just gets shameless!) So let's learn more about a great reader (and commenter!) to this blog, Cassa!

1+ Your name: Cassa Gimenez

2+ The first method product you purchased: Go Naked All Purpose Spray

3+ Your favorite method product: I love the french lavendar dish soap! It makes cleaning out all of those little bottle parts I've recently had to start washing much more enjoyable!

4+ Your favorite method scent (current or past): Right now I lust the vanilla apple fragrance spray, but I also love the sweet-water smell.

5+ Why do you lust method? I started using Method products last year while I was pregnant since my husband got concerned about me inhaling fumes from other products during my cleaning sessions. I fell in love with them and love that they now carry baby products, too, now that the little one is here. I feel comfortable using them around her and I don't have to worry about fanning out noxious gasses all the time.

6+ Favorite word that begins with the letter 'm'? Muppets! I am a huge Jim Henson fan.


And by simply sending in her advocate spotlight, Cassa is now entered into "The House That method Cleans" contest! And you can be, too! Here's how!

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