Thursday, February 12, 2009

you've got mail!

...Yeah, I know, does anyone even still use AOL? I didn't think so. And yet that man's voice will go down in generational history. Lucky him! Oh, and lucky me, too! I'm so excited! Did you get your monthly method email newsletter? Cause I did, and I'm SO freakin' excited, because method lust is spotlighted in it! Yippee! method gives method lust and our big ole' one year anniversary a loud U GO! and I'm just all giddy inside! If you didn't get yours, you can check it out here! And make sure to sign up on method's website, too! (You'll see the sign up at the bottom of the page.) Thanks method! (I'm gonna go skipping now! Hey, maybe I can bring it back. It's about time skipping came back into fashion! Oh yes it is.)


And be sure to check out their monthly special for February, and Vaaalentine's Day! (Smooch!)

"roses are red, violets are blue, now through the end of february (or while supplies last), you'll get our foaming hand wash and all surface wipes for 30% off.* okay, so we might not be shakespeare, but we can give you products we love - foaming hand wash and all surface wipes - at a great price. flowers and chocolate are cool, but we think you could shower that certain someone you love in a new way (not literally). and besides, they're more earth friendly, less filling.

get 30% off *offer ends february 28 or while supplies last. offer valid only in the us and canada."


Netta said...

Congrats on your shout out Nathan.

Rebecca Rodgers said...


Karin said...

Hey! I still have an AOL account...I've had the same account since college! Actually, I sent my entry for 'the house that method cleans" contest from that I hope you got it!

Congrats on the method mention!

Sam said...

Congrats on your 1-year anniversary of mad method lust! :)

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