Sunday, February 1, 2009

method goes top chef

Check this out! On this week's Top Chef (a show I lust dearly! Oh how I wish I could cook like these people! "Quick, you have twenty minutes for your quickfire challenge!" They'd all have roasted duck in a lemongrass and yuzu foam, with acidic cherries and arugula salad in tomato water while I'd have... a bologna sandwich. With mayo. Cause that's all my brain could muster in twenty minutes?!? (And, I hate, hate, hate bologna!) How do they do it? Alas...) But on this week's episode, what do you spy? But a method hand wash bottle!

Hmm... wait a minute? They don't make creamy hand wash in the teardrop bottle... What's up here, Culinary Institute (which was where they were cooking this week.) Let's hope they didn't fill it up with Dial soap, but instead loved the bottle design so much, they grabbed up some almond flower creamy hand wash and filled up the teardrop bottle with it! Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket... let's just go with that!

Maybe method should do some product placement on Top Chef (like they once did on Ugly Betty!) Then we'd be hearing the chefs not only saying "I'm gonna put my granola in this Glad zipper bag!" or "Let's all jump into the Toyota Sequoia and head off to Whole Foods!"; but also "Wow, I just touched raw chicken! Time to wash my hands in some method lavender hand wash!" ... on second thought, method, don't. I'm about OVER Glad zipper bags, and Toyota Sequoia's. Product placement always blows. Cause it's, well, so obvious.

If you spot method on tv, or in a movie; take a screen shot and send it in, and I'll post it up here on method lust!

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Brit said...

I saw a bottle of dish soap on the Real World the other day. I totally forgot what kind it was, but I saw it.

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